Privacy Policy

At TOYU Indonesia, we take the privacy of our visitors seriously. This privacy policy document describes in detail what kind of information we collect and record, and how we use it.

By using this website, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree by all Privacy Policy listed here.

1. Data Retrieval

TOYU Indonesia collects user data in order to process transaction by users and other means of use as permitted by the laws. The data collected are as follow:

A. Personal Data given by the user, including:

  1. Personal data given when creating or updating accounts such as username, email address, phone number, passwords, photos, address, etc.

B. Data collected when user accessed the site, including:

  1. Location data including IP address, wi-fi location, geo-location, and others.
  2. Data regarding the activity timeframe of each users.
  3. Preferences of each users, including the interaction of users with the site, saved options, and saved settings. Those data are obtained through cookies, and other technologies that create a unique identification.
  4. Device data, including what device user uses to access the website, the model of hardware, operation system and its version, software, file name and its version, language of choice, etc.

2. Data Usage

TOYU Indonesia can and will use some part or the entirety of user’s data for:
A. Process each and every request, activity, and transaction done by the user through the site. B. Contact users through phone, e-mail, letters, fax, etc to help resolve transactions. C. Use the data and information collected from the user for research, analyze, and to develop new products. D. Inform user of any kind of promotion, news, etc from the site or other media.E. Monitor and investigate suspicious activity. F. Under certain circumstances, TOYU Indonesia might have to reveal user’s data in accordance of the law.

3. Cookies

TOYU Indonesia uses cookies to store informations about the preferences of each visitors’ and to record user-specific information (such as what you are adding to the cart, etc) so we can personalize or customize our web page based on the information you have given us.

4. Updates on Privacy Policy

TOYU Indonesia can make any change to this privacy policy without any notification beforehand.

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