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Let’s Prepare for Ramadan During Quarantine!

Before we knew it, we had once again met the holy Ramadan month. However, this year’s Ramadan feels different, as we will have to do it in quarantine. But that should not stop us from taking part in this once a year event. However, have you really prepared for this special month? If you have not, then let’s go and see how you can prepare for Ramadan during quarantine!

Make a goal to read and finish the Qur’an

Being quarantined at home during the Ramadan means that we have more time to use at home! In order to prepare for Ramadan during quarantine, why not try and make a plan to finish the Qur’an during that time? There are 30 juz (parts) in the Qur’an, and usually each juz will have around 20 pages. You and your kids can read the Qur’an after you have finished your daily five prayers, with 4 pages every time. Doing that in a day, you will finish 1 juz before you know it. Then, you can keep it up until Idul Fitri arrives.

Plan activities to do with kids

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If you are trying to prepare for Ramadan,during quarantine you should also think about preparing what your kids would be doing for around 30 days. However, this year it is even trickier than before, as we need to think of things that do not need you to go outside. There are a few options we could think of in a whim, and those are:

  • Reading the stories of prophets
  • Acting out the stories of prophets

Focus on good deeds

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During the quarantine, it might be hard for us to go to the nearest masjid and give the people there food and beverages to break their fast, but that does not mean we could not do good deeds as we prepare for Ramadan during quarantine! There are many other ways to do good deeds, especially during this hard time. One of them is to donate a little bit of our money. We can teach our kids that if we have more money than needed, it is a good thing to donate them to those that need it more. A few donations you can donate to are:

Plan out for Sahur

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We cannot prepare for Ramadan during quarantine if we did not prepare for sahur, and that will be our last tip! Because there will not be any nutrients we consume during the day, sahur is the key if we want to keep going until time for break! Make sure you get foods with high nutrients and fiber inside of them!

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