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Some Random Acts of Kindness Your Kids Can Do!

In the spirit of Christmas, there is nothing better than to spread some kindness to other people. However, it might be hard to ask your kids to do things such as helping the homeless people to get a roof above their head, or to be a volunteer that helps sick people. That is why, we should ask or suggest our kids to channel their love for others through random acts of kindness.  

Despite kindness is a concept that is crucial to a kid’s development, sometimes it is hard for parents to actually demonstrate kindness to their kids. Most of the time, parents will just tell their kids to be nice and say only nice words. However, this would be contradictory once our kids could understand what is happening in the news: with many people try to disrupt other people’s safety.

Because of how unruly the real word is, it is much more important nowadays to teach our kids that kindness should be the one that conquers everything: fear, anger, and even hatred. It is necessary to tell our kids that they do not have to be a very rich or successful person to help others. It is important to tell our kids that random acts of kindness will help people more than they think. After all, it’s the thoughts and sincerity that really matter. 

Some small kind gestures that you could do so your kids could do it too:

  1. Say thank you. Sometimes, we take the word “thank you” for granted, and fail to realize how much it means to other people.
  2. Take your kids to the grocery store on your monthly shopping and add canned foods to the cart. Then, deliver the canned food to a local shelter.
  3. Leave kind, funny, or uplifting notes in the library or across the city. This random act of kindness can help people during their lowest point.
  4. Buy drink for your peers. It does not have to be fancy drinks, a bottle or cup of mineral water is enough.
  5. Sweep fallen leaves on your neighbor’s front yard.
  6. Bring homemade food to Mosque, Church, or Temple nearest to your neighborhood.
  7. Say your compliments to other people if they look different or they did something really good. Make sure the compliments are genuine.
  8. Share your food with your peers at school.
  9. Volunteer yourself to take out the garbage during family gathering and do it without complaining.
  10. Give tips to service workers such as the online bike driver or waitress in a cafe.
  11. Let someone else go first when you are queuing.
  12. Return the tray when you eat at a fast food restaurant.
  13. Make a cup of tea for your parents in the morning.
  14. Donate the clothes you no longer wear for the local shelter.
  15. Tell other people that you care for them.
  16. Give the small changes you get when you shop.
  17. Teach something new to other people.
  18. Make homemade gift for someone else
  19. Send postcards to other people
  20. Smile, because smile is contagious.

Those are only some of many other more random acts of kindness that you and your kids could do either together or separately. Remember, while it seems small, if you practice it to someone else and they practice it to the next person, it will create a very big cycle of people doing small kind gestures. 

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