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Space Exploration Is Fun! Let’s Learn More About It!

As the quarantine appeal is still in effect, it is very hard for us to even go out of our house. However, that should not be the case because this time, we are going to take your kids out to outer space, enjoying the beauty of space exploration at home! Let’s take a look at some information regarding the exploration to the outer space that we as species had done!

The first space exploration

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The early days of space exploration is filled with the sparks of rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. The most famous things to happen during those times is the moon landing by Apollo 11 mission on July 20th 1969 and the Sputnik 1’s launch on October 4th 1957. The Soviet’s space program itself managed to achieve many milestones, such as:

  • The first living being in orbit in 1957
  • The first spaceflight of human by Yuri Gagarin on the Vostok 1 in 1961
  • First spacewalk by Alexei Leonov in 1965
  • The launch of the first space station in 1971

The cost of space exploration

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One of the reasons why we are not doing that many space exploration nowadays is how high the cost is. Back when the United States did their Apollo 11 mission, it cost them around $25.4 billion. With inflation and everything else, today it would cost around $135 billion. However, as time goes by, the cost of space travel is getting cheaper, but it still is not that cheap. The cost of one astronaut suit by itself is around $12 million.

The distance

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In space exploration, there is a new unit to measure distance, and that is “astronomical units” (AU), which is the average distance between the Sun and the Earth, which is around 150 million kilometers. As a comparison, here are the lists of distance between the Earth and some other celestial bodies:

  • Earth to Moon is around 0.0026 AU (390.000 kilometers)
  • Earth to Sun is 1 AU (150 million kilometers)
  • Earth to Venus is 0.28 AU (42 million kilometers)
  • Earth to Neptune is 29.8 AU (around 4.5 billion kilometers)
  • Earth to Voyager 1 is 148.7 AU (around 22 billion kilometers)

What do you eat?

During space exploration, there are not many choices you can pick. Usually, the diets for astronauts are pretty dull due, and due to the limited space they can only eat 3.8 pounds of food per day.  Usually, those foods are pre-processed food that could be made into something that is ready to eat by adding some water or by heating them. While astronauts could not bring way too many foods, they have some condiments to bring, so if the food tasted bland, they can add some mustard on them.


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Journey to outer space is not all fun, because most of the astronauts would get sick with the same sickness: disorientation due to the weightlessness. Weightlessness makes space exploration look cool, but it actually causes serious problems to our inner ears that control our balance. Usually, this weightlessness will last up to three days.


Now that you know more about space exploration, do you really want to do it? It costs a lot of money, you can only eat certain foods, and you will also experience disorientation for 3 days. If that changes your mind, do not worry! You can still see the outer space in another way, and that is using Viewspace to see how the space looks! On Viewspace, you could see videos or even see interactive photos. 

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