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Story 02 – This is TOYU Land! (Part 1)


Toyu is the first one to arrive home.

Just like him, Toyu’s house is painted yellow just like an egg yolk. To add to the egg theme, the shape of the house itself resembles an egg. At the front side of his house, there is a cool striped canopy that Toyu uses to protect his garden from sunlight’s overexposure.

However, his garden is not the only reason why Toyu made the canopy.

Every morning, before he does anything else, Toyu will always do his morning exercise. With the canopy, he does not have to worry about having to stand under the sunlight for too long!

The garden protected by the canopy is very colorful. There are various kinds of vegetables growing there, but the most obvious ones are: carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, and lettuce. Those vegetables are needed when Toyu wanted to eat one of his favourite dishes: A giant hamburger with vegetables and eggs.

The inside of Toyu’s house really accommodates his adventurous nature. He does not have any shoe rack on his house, but instead he uses a small and short box to put his shoes in. His reason being he has to be ready in an instant, so a shoe rack will just slow him down. However, everyone else knew that Toyu is just making excuses. He is just too lazy to arrange his shoes because he has a TV programme that he would like to watch.

“Hmm… What should I bring?” Toyu ponders as he moves around the house. “I could bring my vegetables, but Ken will have much fresher ones from his greenhouse.”

Toyu tries to sit down, continue to think about what to bring. However, it does not last long. His adventurous nature would not allow him to think when he stays still. Then, he starts to search for things in his kitchen, and inside of his refrigerator. Still, he could not think of anything to bring.

“Ahhh… All this thinking makes me hungry. Maybe I should cook some eggs to e—”

Toyu stops his words mid-sentence. Then, he suddenly jumps in a “eureka!” moment.


He runs to the kitchen and opens his refrigerator. There was a pack of fresh eggs he just bought from the farm a few days ago. He did not think of the eggs because he always uses them for himself.

With a pack of eggs in his hand, Toyu smiles and opens the door to his house. While humming a cheerful song, Toyu happily skips toward Ken’s house.

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