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Story 02 – This is TOYU Land! (Part 2)

Just as Toyu arrived at his home, so does Jun.

Compared to Toyu’s house, Jun’s is rather conventional-looking and has a much more normal shape. His house is lean and tall, and looks like a skyscraper. For any other people, the height of his house might be weird, but once he opens his door, everything makes sense. His house was designed to accommodate the pile of books he has, and that is why it is so tall.

On the wall of his house are countless bookcases housing many neatly arranged books inside of them. The themes of those books vary, starting from biography, manual books, law, and even meditation books.

There is another room Jun had dedicated to isolate himself before going to sleep every night: a meditation room. Inside is a round mat where Jun would sit with legs crossed. In one corner of the room sits an old vinyl player that Jun would use to play a comfy recording of natural sounds such as the rain or crickets to heighten his focus during meditation.

“Hmm, what should I bring to Ken’s house?” Jun stands in the middle of his house with his right hand rubbing his chin, thinking deeply. Then, he moves to a nearby sofa to take a small notebook and a pencil, writing down his prediction of what everyone else would bring.

“If my prediction is correct, Toyu will be bringing a pack of eggs, Ryu will bring carrots, and Hana… will probably bring something sweet.”

But what about Ken?” Jun stopped his writing. “Ken might be the host, but knowing Ken, he will still give some ingredients. Maybe… from his green garden…”

If Toyu is the active one, Jun is the opposite. He would take time to think about the best move before actually making the move. He wants everyone to choose the best option for the long term, even for something as simple as breakfast. He wants everyone to enjoy themselves to their fullest, and he will be the one to calculate how the group attain that enjoyment.

“Hmm should I bring noodles instead?”

As he said that, he thinks of possibilities of recipes they could make, combining carrots, noodles, green vegetables and eggs, and one recipe comes to mind.


“I guess we could go with frittata for today!”

With a gentle grin, Jun moves to a shelf with a “recipe” plate hanging on it. He took a book of frittata recipe from it, and walked away to the door. He truly believes that with the recipe book and the noodles he brings to Ken’s house, everyone will be able to have a wonderful breakfast together!

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