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Story 02 – This is TOYU Land! (Part 3)

Ryu’s house is right next to Ken, so it does not take a long time for her to go back home.

Compared to the others, her house looks really different. Ryu combined the rustic style of her house with a pink paint that makes it look comfy and cute. On top of the house, sits a big and magnificent windmill made to generate electricity. The windmill is also used as a big fan to keep everyone from feeling too hot in the afternoon.

The inside of her house is much more surprising. She has her own exercise room with a punching bag hanging from the ceiling that she always uses for boxing. There is also a TV for her to watch zumba videos and practice, and there are also some barbells for her weight training. All those training sessions were done by Ryu because she realizes her legs are short, but she does not want to slow everyone else.

In her living room, Ryu put a small bookshelf full of motivational books. To complement the books, she also has many motivational DVDs on her TV shelf. Watching and reading motivational subjects is important for Ryu, because she thinks it will help her motivate her friends better.

“Ugh. I am happy that we are going to have breakfast together, but how come Ken has no ingredients left?!” Ryu was a little bit upset, but deep down she is actually happy that everyone can contribute with the breakfast.

However, the frown on her face does not go away. With that frown, she walks to the kitchen and tries to find something that she could bring. And yet, all she could find are…

“There are only carrots here…” She sighs. “But I guess that is okay! Knowing Jun, he must have prepared something while guessing that I will be bringing carrots!” And just like that, her frown turns to a big and beaming smile.

She might not have that many choices of ingredients on her house. But, she believes that together with her friends, they will be able to create something for them to enjoy together. After all, everyone will be bringing their favourite ingredients! Together, Ryu is sure that they will have a wonderful, delicious, and fun breakfast!

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