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Story 02 – This is TOYU Land! (Part 4)

While everyone was moving as fast as they could to bring some ingredients, Hana would leisurely float away to her house.

After all, Hana’s house is located above the others, even higher than Ken’s second floor. That is because she is the guardian of the neighborhood. She chose a place where she could observe the entirety of Toyu Land on the trunk of some tall, old, and strong trees.

Her house is a cute cabin carefully built and placed on the top of some gigantic trees. Despite being a treehouse, Hana still put some cute furniture and floor mat with bright pastel colors inside. However, the cuteness of her interior is contrasted by the cold and serious color of the 4 binoculars standing on each cardinal direction of her house, poking out from her windows to the outside.

“Everyone was so motivated for the breakfast party! I am glad!” Hana moves her wings frantically, just like how dogs would wag their tails when they are happy, all while humming happy tunes and opening her kitchen cabinets, looking for something.

“Aha! Here you are!” Hana grabs a bag of ground cocoa powder mixed with sugar that she had made a few days ago. “Since everyone is in a good mood, it will be nice to drink this chocolate together!” Again, Hana moves her wings frantically.

Hana has always been that way since a long time ago. There is nothing she loved better than seeing her friends happy. She even checks up on her friends when she sensed one of them is getting sad. For the group, Hana really is their guardian angel they can count on their lowest point.

With the bag of chocolate drink powder on her hand, Hana flies down to Ken’s house, going over the hammocks she created below her treehouse for everyone to gather. As she flies, there is nothing else on Hana’s mind other than how wonderful the breakfast party will be. She can already imagine the smiling face of Toyu as he argues with Jun over the best way to cook an egg, while Ryu and Ken both laugh at how trivial their argument is.

Hana loves everyone, and they know it. And in turn, the other also think of Hana as an irreplaceable friend.

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