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Story 02 – This is TOYU Land (Part 5)

Right after everyone left, Ken closes his door and sighs heavily.

“It is still early… and everyone is already so energetic…” Ken complains a bit, but he does not dislike it. After all, he is happy that everyone is going to gather at his house for a breakfast party.

“Alright… I should also… get ready to welcome them…” Ken lightly slaps his own cheeks and moves to the back of his house; heading to a giant greenhouse he uses to cultivate many green vegetables and some fruits.

“Mmm… Maybe spinach would be good… for today’s breakfast…” Ken thought as he slowly harvests some spinach he had grown and put them in a small basket until it was full. However, he also put some apples inside just in case someone would like to drink healthy apple juice.

“Now… all that is left is to… prepare the balcony for everyone.”

Slowly, Ken moves to his second floor; to the open balcony where he can see almost everything the light touches in Toyu Land. This balcony is also the reason why everyone is always eager to gather at Ken’s house.

On the balcony, there is a folding table Ken made together with everyone a long time ago. This table will be used for his electrical stove, while the round table already on the balcony will be used to place the dishes that everyone will make together.

After he finishes setting up the cooking tools upstairs, Ken goes back down to wait for everyone, full of excitement of how the breakfast party will be.

While he is anxious about whether or not he will be a good host for everyone, he can already imagine how everyone will act. After all, they have been friends for quite a long time now. That anxiety is also cast away the moment Ken realized how his friends all decided to come and play at his house.

There is nothing more that Ken could be thankful for, knowing his friend loves him.

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