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Story 02 – This is TOYU Land (Part 6)

Right when Toyu steps out of his house, the house suddenly shrinks and transforms into a small yellow-colored cube that Toyu would wear as a bracelet on his hand. With his house in hand, he walks toward Ken’s house and sees Jun also stepping out of the door. Jun’s house shrinks into a blue capsule that he put away in his pocket.

“Heeeeey, Jun!” Toyu shouts, waving his arms in the air as he calls for his friend.

“Oh, hi Toyu.” Jun answers his friend’s call. “Let me guess. You bring some eggs for the party, right?”

Hearing Jun’s guess, Toyu jumps in surprise. “H-How did you guess what I brought??? Did you stop by my house before you prepared what to bring??? I thought only Hana does that sort of thing!”

“Hey! That is rude! I will tell Hana you said that!” Suddenly, Ryu chimes into their conversation.

“Whoa?! Ryu! I did not see you there!!!” Again, Toyu jumped in surprise. Eventually, before they knew it, they were already walking in front of Ryu’s house.

“Huh?! How come you did not recognize my presence?! You guys are literally walking in front of my house!” Ryu was a little bit angry with Toyu’s obliviousness. “But what about you, Jun? You realized I was there, right?!”

“Hmm… That is hard to guess… But maybe, I also did not realize it.”

“Oh no, not you too!!!” Hearing Jun’s answer, Ryu feels dejected and hangs her head downward. However, Jun suddenly laughs lightly.

“Ahaha! I was just kidding, Ryu. I saw you since you stepped out of your door.”

“O-oh… You should have said so! Hmph.” Knowing Jun was only joking, Ryu averts her face away from the two, relieved that Jun still notices her. Then, Ryu shrinks her house and wears it as a necklace.

As they finally arrived at Ken’s house, Hana has already been waiting for them.

“Hey, everyone.” With a familiar and gentle voice, Hana greets them.

“Hi there, Hana!” Jun, Ryu, and Toyu replies in unison. “Have you waited long?” Ryu asks, adding to everyone’s greeting.

“No, no! I just got here myself.” With a smile, Hana answers Ryu’s question. “So, what are you guys bringing?”

“I have some packs of eggs with me!” Toyu raised his arm, showing his tote bag full of eggs.

“I bring some carrots!” Ryu shows the inside of her tote bag to Hana.

“Carrots and eggs, just as I expected.” Jun rubs his chin with a proud look. “As for me, I brought some noodles.”

“Nice! I have some chocolate powder drinks with me!” Hana smiles, showing a bag of chocolate she has been holding.

“Okay! Since we are all here, let’s call Ken!” Toyu said as he knocks on Ken’s door, followed by everyone, in unison, saying:

“Ken, we are here to have breakfast together!”

In response to everyone calling out to him, the door to Ken’s house slowly opens. Right behind that door is Ken, smiling and welcoming them.

“Welcome, everyone… Let’s have fun together… today…!”

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