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Story 02 – This is TOYU Land (Part 7)

“Toyu! Have you washed your hands?!” Jun shouts as Toyu was trying to cut the spinach prepared by Ken.

“Eeeh? My hands are clean, you know!” In response to Jun’s complaint, Toyu showed his hand. While it is not dirty, it does not mean his hands are clean.

“What are you saying? You NEED to wash your hands before you start preparing the ingredients!” Instead of calming down, Jun shouts even louder than before.

“Alright, okay okay!” In order to calm Jun down, Toyu stopped arguing and went to the sink nearby to wash his hands instead. “There, happy now?”

“That is good. Now, let’s start the prep—” However, before Jun could finish his sentence, Toyu splashed some water he used to wash his hands on Jun.


“Ahahahaha!!! Got you, Jun!”

While Jun suddenly tries to chase Toyu with a little anger, Toyu laughs as he runs away. This goes on for a while before Toyu bumps onto Ryu and Toyu falls down backward.

“A-ah, we are sorry……….. R-Ryu…?”

Toyu tries to apologize to Ryu, but she simply stands there. Motionless. Her eyes closed, and some veins appeared on her neck.

“Jun!!! Toyu!!!” She shouts with a roar. Her face was clearly furious. “You guys were supposed to prepare the ingredients! Why are you guys running after each other instead?!”

“T-that was because Toy—”

“No excuse!” Before Jun could even sound his defense, Ryu cuts his sentence off. “Go back to the preparation, both of you!”

“Y-yes, ma’am!”

In unison, the two of them said as they rushed back to their table. On their way there, the two of them laugh. Seeing Toyu and Jun laughing, Ryu too, can no longer hold back her sigh of relief while smiling.

It did not take long before the dish was ready. It was a frittata filled with noodles, carrots, and spinach. With their combined effort, they could finish the dish right before midday. Their breakfast plan has now changed into a brunch party.

“Whew, it takes longer than expected.” Toyu scratched the back of his head, knowing full well the reason it took so long was because he played around with Jun while preparing the ingredients.

“I know, right? I wonder whose fault that was.” Ryu asked cynically.

“A-ahaha I wonder who…” Toyu replied nervously.

“But that is… not important.” Ken chimes in, trying to ease some guilt from Toyu’s shoulder. “What is important is… all of us could eat… together.”

“I agree! As long as we are together, I am fine with anything!” Hana adds.

“Well… if you guys say so…” Ryu sighs. However, deep down she also feels the same.

The five group of friends put the result of their combined effort onto the table. Toyu and Jun work together to cut the frittata and put it on the center of the table. Ryu prepares the plates and other eating utensils. Hana and Ken prepare the drink that everyone wants: it could be hot chocolate, apple juice, or both.

On top of Ken’s house, on an open balcony, the group of friends could see almost everything that the light could touch in Toyu Land. From the balcony, they could see the beautiful landscape of Toyu Land.

They could see the hills connected from the plain extending indefinitely from their backyards far into the horizon.

They could see the blue oceans, calm and mysterious. On the ocean, there might be a lot of adventures they could have. Each of them believes they would go there someday.

They could see the green scenery of the forests. Lush, and definitely be the home of many friendly animals. One day, the group of friends will make new friends there.

This is Toyu Land. A land where the beautiful view would last all year long. A land where there is no thunderstorm, nor twister, nor flooding. In Toyu Land, rain will only fall when the flowers ask them to.

This is Toyu Land. A land where there is no war that happened out of greed or hatred. Any plague, epidemic, or accident will not happen here, because every living being could grow with harmony, love, and happiness.

In Toyu Land, there is no discrimination. In fact, everyone will be happy if you are different! Everyone in Toyu Land believe that there is power in diversity. If you cannot do something by yourself, you can always count on other people to help you. You matters.

This is Toyu Land, where everything gets their happily ever after.

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