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Story 03 – Building More Happiness (Part 1)

As the morning ray of sun gently greets everything it touches in Toyu Land, everyone does their usual routine: humming their own songs of happiness as a symbol of gratitude for the warm light given by the sun.

In one corner of that land, in front of his own yellow and egg-like house, right under the canopy protecting both himself and his garden from overexposure to the sun’s light, Toyu is doing his morning exercise. He would roll forward, then backward, then he would jump around. Sometimes, he would also stop to take a breath and drink the water he had prepared beforehand.

While he is focused on his exercise, from the direction of Jun’s house, everyone else calls out to him in unison.

“Hey there everyone!” Wiping his sweat, Toyu answers everyone’s call as they arrive in front of his house. “Are you guys ready for it?”

“Of course! That is why we brought breakfast!” Ryu shows the inside of her tote bag to Toyu. Inside, there are 5 different lunch boxes.

“Alright!” Toyu jumps in excitement. “Before we start, let’s have a fulfilling breakfast!”

After Toyu’s words, everyone starts to prepare for breakfast. Ryu is responsible for giving the lunch boxes to everyone. Hana is responsible for spreading a mat so everyone can sit comfortably. Toyu is responsible for giving reusable cups for everyone to drink from. Ken and Jun’s work was finished before, as they were the one responsible for drinks and food.

Before long, the group of friends could finally enjoy their breakfast. Since everyone likes different things, they sometimes share what they are eating. Toyu with his eggs, Ryu and her carrot dishes, Ken with his green vegetables, Ken with his healthy protein, and Hana with her cheese-based bites.

“Ho, hehehihan!” Toyu tries to talk with his mouth full.

“Hey, Toyu! That is bad manners!” Ryu, who waits until she can swallow her food, gets angry in response.

“Ahahaha, sorry sorry, I was so excited about today’s meeting you know!” Toyu scratches the back of his head right after he swallows his food. However, Toyu’s apology did not make the frown on Ryu’s face go away. “So, everyone! Could you tell me each of your progress?”

“Me! Me!” Ryu raises her hand.

“I have practiced my fire breathing for the whole week! I’m sure my fire would be big enough today!” Ryu puffs out her chest, feeling prideful of her work and waits for everyone’s praise. That is also why she wants to tell her progress first: so everyone could see how wonderful she is.

“Hmm… the order I have placed has also arrived yesterday. We can bring them later.” Jun said in a calm demeanor.

“I have finished what you asked me to sew last week, Toyu. I also tested it together with Ryu’s fire, and I am convinced that it will be able to sustain Ryu’s heat.” Hana, beaming with smile, answer to Toyu’s question.

“For me… I have made 5 packages that each of us could use. I left them at my house, so I will have to take it first if we are going to use it today.” Ken said as he adjusts his glasses.

“I see you all have finished your assignment! Now, let’s finish our project today!”

Accompanied by the warm morning light, the group of friends gather and talk about the project they are doing at the moment. With everyone giving their full effort, whatever will be of the project? What kind of project are they doing?

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