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Story 03 – Building More Happiness (Part 2)

“Toyu.” Suddenly, Jun calls out to Toyu right after he raises everyone’s morale. “Before we start, can I say something?”

“O-oh… Sure! I guess…?” Toyu looks confused. After all, they never talk about how Jun wanted to say something to everyone. However, since it is Jun after all, Toyu can be sure that whatever Jun has planned, is for the good of everyone.

“Ehem.” Jun clears his throat. “As you all know, I used to be against this project. Not only because this would take a lot of time, but also manpower.”

Everyone nods in unison as they heard Jun’s speech. From the very beginning, Jun has been against this project. The reason was always the same: it is a dangerous project. He is not wrong, because this project and what comes after that might bring danger to them.

“However, Ryu insists that we should do this project. No matter what.” Jun throws a smile at Ryu.

During their meeting last month, Ryu and Jun had a very big argument. Jun insisted that they cancel this project because it is way too dangerous, while Ryu said they should definitely go. The reason behind Ryu’s opinion was weak. She simply said, with fiery eyes, that this project they are making will be good for them.

“In the end, I had to give up against Ryu’s tenacity.” Jun said, and then he laughed. “Just like what Ryu said, every day after we made our decision has always been fun. Being able to work together with you guys up to this point made me want to believe that this project will end well.”

Hearing Jun saying that, followed by his laugh, brings forth the smile on everyone’s face.

“And that is why, I did some research about what we are doing! And according to my research…”

Jun then brings out a pile of paper and flips through some of them at a very high speed. Seeing what is happening in front of them, Toyu’s and everyone’s face turns sour and dark. Usually, when Jun starts talking about his research, there will be a long explanation following.

“… this project of ours will succeed.” Jun said, throwing away the pile of paper he put. “While I could not find any reassurance that this project will benefit us, I believe that by doing it together, we will be fine.”

Hearing those words from Jun fills everyone with more spirit, and Toyu suddenly jumps in front of Jun, stealing the spotlight away from him.

You hear what Jun said!!! Let’s do this!!!” Toyu shouts, throwing his fist to the air.

“YES SIR!!!” In response, everyone screams.

The morale is at an all-time high, but there is one thing that is still a mystery. What is this project they have been talking about? Are you also curious about it too?

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