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Story 03 – Building More Happiness (Part 3)

“So, everyone, let’s finish the beginning of our project today!” Ryu continues where Toyu left off.

In unison, everyone agrees to Ryu’s proposal and scrambles to each of their houses, preparing what they need for the project. Toyu will have to take a weaving kit. Jun has to get the thing he ordered a few days ago. Ken takes the 5 packages he made. Hana takes a giant fiber she sewed last week.

“TOYU!” Right when Toyu is getting her sewing kit ready, Ryu suddenly breaks through Toyu’s front door, with her eyes full of spirit and determination.

“W-whoa, Ryu! You surprised me!” Toyu jumped and flinched before he turned around and saw that it was Ryu who kicked his door open. “What is it?”

“Are you finished getting ready?! Come on! Let’s get the others and start the work!”

Like a puppy, Ryu wiggles her tail to show her excitement. For some reason, she is much more excited than Toyu, the leader of the project. To the point that somehow, she is now ordering Toyu to get ready faster.

“Okay, okay! Let me grab this kit and a few foam. After that, let’s go!”

However, Toyu is not bothered by that. Instead, he follows Ryu’s command. After all, what Toyu really wants is for the project to succeed. He does not care who is in command or who the boss is. For him, the only thing that matters is for everyone to enjoy themselves with the project.

The two friends skips along happily while humming a cheerful song before they finally arrive at Jun’s blue and tall house. Right before Ryu tries to do the same thing she did at Toyu’s house, Jun opens the door and greets them.

“Hi guys.” Jun walks out with a bag full of cylinders.

“Jun! Are you ready? Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Now with three members, the group of friends walks to Ken’s house. But in the way, suddenly Hana approaches them with a big sewn nylon and a cylindrical item with the same color as the nylon.

“Guuuys, could you help me a bit here?” Hana shouts.

“Of course!” Before anyone could talk, Toyu responded.

In response to Toyu’s answer, Hana put down the big sewn nylon. The four of them spread around the 4 sides and fold the sewn nylon Hana brought along until it can easily be carried in one hand. And while the group of friends was busy folding what Hana brought for the project, a big figure suddenly appeared behind them.

“Hi everyone… What are you doing…?” As the figure speaks, everyone jumped in surprise.

“KEN! You should not surprise us like that!” Ryu was the first to complain.

“Haha, I am sorry… You guys are too absorbed in doing something… I cannot help but to surprise you a bit.” Hearing Ken’s response, everyone starts laughing.

“Now that everyone is here–” After she finished her laughter, Ryu starts to get ready to command everyone.


Toyu cuts Ryu’s sentences off and starts running to the hill. Ryu was clearly upset with Toyu, and she started chasing over him in a fit of anger. Seeing their antics, everyone laughs.

Their spirit is at an all-time high, and Ken starts humming a happy song. Hearing the hum, Hana starts to chime in. Jun is the only one that does not join in, but he is clearly pleased with their song.

With everyone finally ready for the final work, their project is coming to a close. Will they succeed? Will they be able to work together?

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