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Story 03 – Building More Happiness (Part 4)

When the group of friends finally arrives on the top of the hill, they start to prepare the item they need to work with. On the hill, a big basket with enough room for the five of them is already waiting. Aside from the basket, the group of friends already finished a burner system, and it also waits patiently to be used right on top of the hill.

All that is left for them to do is to finish what they have started.

“Huffff…..” Within seconds, Ryu starts running away from everyone else and takes a very deep breath. “Haaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!”

As Ryu blows away the air she just inhaled, a beautiful and bright wave of fire comes out of her mouth. Even under the bright and dazzling sunlight, her flame still burns beautifully and brilliantly. This is the result of her training for the last week.

To achieve this, Ryu watches many videos about controlling her breathing. She even took some swimming classes because she read that swimming can help in increasing her lung capacity. Ryu did a wonderful job, and the quality of her fire mirrors that perfectly.

While Ryu shows off her hard work, Jun is accompanied by Ken and Toyu to put the burner system they have created in place. Together, Jun and Ken put the burner’s steel cage on top of the basket. After it is done, Toyu puts the foam to envelope the steel cage.

With a high level of proficiency, Toyu weaves the foam to envelop the steel cages so that it will not go loose. Not only that, but Toyu also ties the 5 packages that Ken brought to the basket. As a finishing touch, Toyu also slots the cylinders Jun brought with him.

“Now, the preparation is done!” Toyu proclaims right after he finished slotting the last cylinder that Jun brought.

“Not so fast, Toyu.” Chiming into Toyu’s declaration was Hana. She flies around while holding a folded nylon in one of her hands.

“What about this?” She asked.

“A-aaaaah…. That is why I thought we forgot something… A-ahahaha…” Toyu scratches his head, trying to laugh it off.

“This is why I always told you not to get ahead of yourself, Toyu.” Jun calmly taps Toyu’s shoulder.

“Alright, guys… Should we do this together…?” Chiming in, Ken adds.

Together, the 3 of the guys start by unfolding the nylon that Hana brought. Once it is open, Jun and Ken tries to combine it with the cylindrical thing that Hana also brought along. Then, Toyu is tasked to sew the two together.

Before long, Toyu finally finished sewing the two. For the finishing, the three guys help each other to knot the strings from the one they sewed onto the burner system. They knot so many strings, because if there happens to be an error, it would be very fatal. However, with their teamwork, their task is finally finished.

The work they did took longer than expected. However, as they look at what they have built together, they are filled with feelings they could not explain well. It is a combination of joy, pride, and many other feelings.

However, when they are still trying to process what they felt, Jun suddenly clears his throat.

“Guys, I need to say something to all of you.”

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