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Story 04 – The Unexpected (Part 3)


A shining bright light ripped apart the sky and made a very loud sound, enough to make the group of friends jump, causing the basket to shake and the hot air balloon to tilts forward. Then, because of the tilting, the blow of the wind makes the balloon go faster forward, and causes everyone to shout even louder.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” In unison, the group of friends shouts as they cling desperately to one another.

After a few minutes being steered by the strong gust of wind, finally their hot air balloon starts to calm down and float normally once again. However, they are now once again faced with something they have never seen before.

In front of them, lay a very wide plain of white. Even the mountains are covered in a white powder. There are almost no other trees around them except for the fir trees that stand tall with their top covered in the white powder.

“Oh… Is that… Snow?” Jun was mesmerized with what lay in front of him. Jun had read a lot of books and encyclopedias that talked about snow. However, Toyu Land never had snow. No one ever actually needed the snow to fall. The flowers only needed rain, and so did the vegetables.

“Sno…?” Toyu tilted his head and gave a confused look to Jun.

“Snow.” Jun corrected Toyu. “Basically, snow is what happens when it rains, but the temperature is too cold. The water freezes and becomes the beautiful white powders that  you all see in front of us.”

Everyone looks at Jun with an amazed face. At least, Jun’s trivia could make them forget about the accident that happened to them earlier.

Or so they thought.

Suddenly, clouds gathered above their hot air balloon. However, the clouds this time are different from the clouds in Toyu Land. If in Toyu Land the balloons are always the cute cirrus cloud and the big stratus cloud.

This time, the clouds are black and heavy, and sometimes let out sparks of light along with a roaring sound. Just like the one they have heard earlier.

“Oh no, are these clouds the source of the previous loud light that ripped the sky?” Toyu panicked.

“Y-yes they are, Toyu. They are the cumulonimbus clouds, and they are said to bring the bring light we heard earlier…” Jun stopped his answer midway. “Or even worse. Ice…”

“But ice is good aren’t they?” Hana replied to Jun’s concern.

“When they are not falling from the sky, then yes they are good… But with the cumulonimbus, it is another story… They might let out a rain of ice…”

Hearing what Jun said, the other suddenly shivered. They do not need Jun to explain what will happen, because they can imagine it by themselves.

As if their conversation is a spell that summoned a storm, then cumulonimbus lets out a mighty roar, followed by a spark of light inside of it that travels downward to one of the trees, leaving a black mark on the tree.


This time, the light is then followed by a drizzle. It started light, but within a few seconds it turns into a snow storm that blows the hot air balloon away.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Everyone shouts in unison as the strong gust snowy wind blows them away.

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