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Story 04 – The Unexpected (Part 5)


The group of friends all shouts frantically due to their sudden descent. However, despite screaming, Toyu is still trying to figure out how the group could get out of this predicament. For them to get out of this without any injury is but wishful thinking, so he starts to imagine what would happen. The worst thing is they will crash on a hard surface, and everyone might hurt themselves.

“Everyone! Try to get into a rolling position to soften the blow!” Toyu shouts.

“T-that is a good idea! Everyone, follow Toyu’s instruction!” Jun chimes in, approving Toyu’s idea. Since Jun actually agrees, everyone thinks that it is a good idea, so they did. However, the turbulence caused by the rapid descent still scares them.

“Oh nooooo!!! What will happen to us???” Both Hana and Ryu cry.

It does not take a long time before the floor of the basket is wet with tears from the two friends. Seeing that, something stirred up inside of Ken’s heart. He starts to feel pain from his chest seeing the two crying, and yet he could not do anything to help because he is also paralyzed in fear.

However, seeing the two crying even louder as time goes by, Ken tries to get over his fear.

“E-everyone… Come here…” Ken said as he opened his arms.

At first, everyone was eager to move from their rolling position. However, as they see that there is nothing else to do, they start to hug Ken tightly, starting with Ryu and then followed by the others.

“E-everything will be fine…” Ken said those words, but not only for his friends. It is also necessary for him to believe that everything is going to be okay. That is why, as he closes his eyes, he can only pray that his words will come true.

The friction of the air shakes the basket even harder, and there was nothing they could do to prevent themselves from crashing down. However, despite the danger, all of them wanted to believe that everything is going to be okay.


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