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Story 04 – The Unexpected (Part 6)


The hot air balloon was already deflated. There was nothing else to keep the group afloat, and they were falling down at a very high speed.


Everyone shouts at the same time as they hug Ken even tighter than before. After all, there was nothing else they could do.



After a few long minutes that felt like forever, the basket they were on finally crash landing to the ground. Except, the ground they crashed on is actually a very soft surface. Even their “crash” cannot be categorized as a crash; a soft bump would be a more correct term.

“A-are we safe yet…?” Ken slowly opens his eyes and he looks all around him, wondering where they landed on.



Ken screams in fear as he heard a voice that is familiar to him, yet he sees no one around him. At least, until he finally realizes that he still covers everyone with his big, soft, and warm body; he finally let everyone go, followed by Ryu, Jun, Toyu, and Hana gasping for air.

The air they breathe in is very different from their expectations. It is fresh, fragrant, and more than anything, feels really nice. And because of that, they all jump together in excitement.

With every jump, the hot air balloon they are still on moves slightly forward. The more they jump, the more their balloon moves, until finally it reached an edge and fell down.

“AAAAHHHHHH NOT AGAIN!!!” Everyone shouts.


As they fall, a splash of water finds their way into the basket. It was then that they realized they had crashed into a bouncy texture of a gigantic cloud that let out a wonderfully beautiful arc of rainbow. The water they fell into too, is a part of the beauty. It was a waterfall that sits right under the rainbow.

“Whoaa… This is beautiful…” Toyu said his thought out loud. However, this sentiment is also shared with the others as they all gaze in amazement.

“Hey hey Toyu, what do you think the rainbow was made from? If we touch it, what would it taste like?” Ryu asks innocently.

“Hmmm I am not sure! Actually, since they consist of many colors, I think each of them has their own flavor!” Toyu answers with the same innocence.

“Then, the blue one must be bubblegum flavored!”

“The yellow one must be sweet cheese!”

“Is the red one strawberry flavored?”

“Hmmm, maybe! But the purple one must be grape flavored, right!”

“Yes, I agree! And the green one must be—”

“Broccoli flavored…” Suddenly, Ken joins in on the conversation between Ryu and Toyu that discussed the flavor of the rainbow.

“Eeeeeh… I was going to say green tea…” Ryu pouts and puffs her cheek. Then, everyone laughed.

They spend a lot of time floating on the lake where they fall. They laughed as they talked about the rainbow. They wonder about the shape of the clouds. They feel thankful about their safety from the incident they were just in.

And finally, they park their basket near a mound of land and tie it to some big and sturdy rocks to keep it from moving.

What awaits them is a colorful forest, stretching all the way with no end in sight. There were large pink pine trees, purple super oaks, and many other colorful trees they do not yet know the name of. Right above them, flocks of fuchsia sparrow fly across the turquoise sky painted with orange aurora.

And afar, they can see the place where they fell: the gigantic waterfall with a massive rainbow arching over it; a rainbow that will mark the beginning of their adventure in an unknown land.

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