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Story 05 – Colorless Is A Crime?! (Part 1)

The scenery in front of Toyu and friends is really different from the one that they knew in Toyu Land. Back there, the colors of the trees are the same: green leaves with brown trunks. However, here, they could see colorful trees. The large pink pine trees and the purple super oaks are just to name a few.

There is also the lake around them. One of them flows with a bright turquoise color, another with a solid pink color, and another a bright green. Each of them also has their own water. It is like an everflowing lake of various syrups.

“This is wonderful…” Toyu said as he gasps in amazement over what transpires before his eyes. His other friend simply nods in agreement.

Out of curiosity, Ryu plucks one of the pink tree’s leaves and takes a bite.

“Whoa!” Right after Ryu put the leaf to her mouth, it dissolved. In response, Ryu unconsciously screamed out loud.

“What was it, Ryu?” Jun asks, startled by Ryu’s scream.

“The leaves are edible, Jun! The pink one tastes like cotton candy!”

“No no no, there is no wa—” Jun never got to finish what he was going to say as Ryu stuffed Jun’s mouth with some of those leaves.

“MGMMMGHHH!!” At first, Jun tried to complain. However, after the leaves dissolve in his mouth, he went silent.

“Riiiiight? They tasted wonderful, right?” Ryu said with a smug smile, and Jun simply nods in silence.

“WHOAA!! Then, let me try and taste this bright turquoise color!” Seeing Jun nodding to Ryu’s question, Toyu gets all fired up and instantly try to drink the water with a bright turquoise-colored lake.

Toyu takes a sip out of the lake.

And then, another.

Then, another.

“WHOAAAAAAHHHH!! It tastes like bubblegum!” After a few sips, Toyu finally speaks up.

After hearing Toyu’s words, everyone starts to forage around, trying to find what else they could taste. Unlike in Toyu Land, almost every part of the land here is edible–and very delicious, to add.

For a while, their foraging continued on before suddenly, from afar, a galloping sound and a loud heavy clatter could be heard coming closer. Following the sound, the ground shakes heavily, dust rises, and the leaves are falling from the trees.

From a distance, shadow figures are coming closer. Their numbers are at least around a hundred.

“Whoa whoa whoa! What should we do?!” Toyu panicked as he looked at Jun with a face that said he needed help.

“Guys, there are some massive trunks there.”

Instead of Jun, Ken was the one to suggest a solution. Ken points at some massive trunks lying on the ground. Those trunks are enough to at least hide the group of friends.

“Alright, everyone, let’s hide!”

With Toyu’s command, everyone jumps behind the trunks Ken pointed at. They hold each other’s hand, wishing the danger to go away as soon as possible.

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