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Story 05 – Colorless Is A Crime?! (Part 2)

The group of friends keeps on holding each other’s hand as they wait for the shadow figures to finally pass the trunks they are hiding behind. However, the clatter that sounds like gallops gets closer and closer, but never completely goes away.

A few minutes went by, and the galloping sound was still there. And then, another minute passes.

“Aaaah, this is boring! Let me take a small glimpse!” With a very low voice, Toyu whispers to everyone.

Ryu tries to stop him with the help of Ken and Jun. However, their efforts are in vain because somehow Toyu managed to turn his curiosity into power and break free from the three of them easily.

“Fwaaah!!! That was ea—” As Toyu jumps out of the trunks and shouts; he finally realized that they were hiding from some shadowy figures. And those shadowy figures are now looking at him.

“A… Aaaah….” Slowly, Toyu moves his sight from one of the shadowy figure’s strong-looking legs that stood right in front of his face.

The figure standing tall in front of Toyu has 4 legs: two in the front, and two in the back. Those legs are tall and strong-looking, and on the bottom of each leg’s hooves are a very thick steel attached to them.

Moving to the body, Toyu saw that the figure has a slender and pink-colored body. From its head, runs a rainbow-colored mane all the way to its neck, as long as a long-winded tail with the same color brushed by the wind.

However, all those features are pale in comparison to the majesty that sits on top of the figures forehead. It was a spiraling sharp horn, standing around 70 cm tall, painted in gold and reflecting the bright and brilliant light of the sun.

Around its neck is a broken and rusty silver chain. The chain seems like it symbolizes that the figure is not bound by anything. And it seems, the figure standing in front of Toyu is the leader, since the other has a silver horn instead of a gold one.

“Bfffhrr.” The figure suddenly whimpers. Its big and cold blue eyes stare deep into Toyu, as if trying to look at his soul. All the while, cold sweats are running at the back of Toyu’s neck due to nervousness and fear of what the figure in front of him will do.

“W-what should I do??????????” Toyu thought to himself while in a panic mode.

Toyu trembles in fear while making a shocked face. He still tries to process everything inside of his head. “How could I jump out like that???” and “What are these creatures???” are the things that are running wild inside his head.

Behind the trunks, Toyu’s friends are still holding hands together. However, Jun’s eyes are glittering with excitement. He knows full well what the figures standing in front of Toyu are, and all this time he thought they were just a myth.

And this time, fueled with excitement, Jun jumped out of his hiding and revealed himself to the colorful figure.

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