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Story 05 – Colorless Is A Crime?! (Part 3)

While Toyu froze in fear in front of the figure standing in front of him, Jun watches the whole thing unfold with an excitement in his eyes. And before the other got the chance to do anything, Jun jumps out of his hiding place.

“Greetings, marvelous beings.” Jun bows down to the figure in front of Toyu.

“Brrrfhh.” In response, it neighs.

“We have no hostile intention to come to your land, your majesty.”

“That is not for you to decide!!!” One of the silver-horned creatures voices a very strong criticism, followed by a “Yeah!!!” by the other creatures.

“Silence!” The gold-horned creature, their leader, shoots the other creatures’ criticism. “If you are what you said, I implore you to tell me the reason why you came to this beautiful land of ours, the Unicorn Land.”

With the leader telling Jun where they crashed, it means Jun’s excitement hits its mark. The groups of figures in front of them are indeed the mythical beast known as the unicorn; horse-like creatures with spiral horns on their forehead. However, the unicorns in Jun’s old books have white skin, unlike the one standing in front of them right now.

“All right, your majesty.” Jun takes a deep breath. “We came from Toyu Land. However, we could not tell you where that place is–because we ourselves have no idea. We were caught in a thunderstorm and cyclone after we flew on our hot air balloon.”

The way Jun speaks to the unicorns’ leader is really different from the way he talks to his friend. This time, he does not show any vanity in his voice. Even his gesture was very composed, as if he has been rehearsing for this.

“However, due to the cyclone, our hot air balloon was ripped and we crashed on the gigantic waterfall with a big rainbow. Then, we tried to see where we landed and that was when your majesty’s party saw us.”

After Jun finished explaining their situation, the gold-horned unicorn gazes deep into Jun’s eyes. As it does that, Jun felt a very chilly sensation running up his spine.

A few seconds passed, and the unicorn leader finally neighs.

“Brrffhhh. You have told me the truth, blue one.” It nods. “However, please do tell your friends behind the trunks to get out. We would like to check something.”

“Understood.” Jun nods and bows. “Hey everyone, it is safe to come out now!” He then turns into the trunk and shouts to his friends.

“O-okay!” Ryu was the first one to get out the hiding, followed by Ken and Hana.

“I see. What we seek is not with you. However, I still would like to know your name.” After seeing the entire group get out of their hiding spot, the leader made another request.

“M-my name is Ryu! I am a dragon that came from Toyu Land. N-nice to meet you.”

“I am Ken. I am here to give everyone a hug during our adventure in case they need it.”

“And I am Hana, the guardian angel. My duty is to protect everyone.”

The unicorn leader nods and shifts its gaze to Toyu.

“How about you, yellow one?”

“I-I am Toyu, your majesty! I am the group’s leader and the one to suggest that we do a journey!”

“Hmm. Are you, now? I thought the blue one was the leader.” The gold-horned unicorn replies.

“You flatter me, your majesty. I am but his right hand person.”

“Huh. Well, if you say so, then it is what it is.” The unicorns’ leader sneers and turns its body around, preparing to leave the group alone. “Sorry to disturb your journey. Have fun here.”

“Wait, unicorn leader!”

As the gold-horned unicorn gave a signal for its followers to mobilize, Toyu called out. In response, the unicorn neighs loudly.

“What is it, yellow one? I do not have all day.”

“Actually, I would like to offer you something.” Calmly, Toyu said.

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