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Story 05 – Colorless Is A Crime?! (Part 4)

“What is it that you are trying to offer me, yellow one?” The leader looks at Toyu with a very sharp gaze.

“I think it is very unlikely for you to mobilize this big number of your followers just for us, right? Maybe there is something we could do to help you.” Toyu answers in response.

“You are very sharp, yellow one.” Hearing his proposition, the leader of the unicorn starts seeing him in a new light. “Very well. I will let one of my followers tell you about our dire situation.”

As the leader finished his talk, one of the silver-horned unicorn steps forward.

“For a while now, Unicorn Land has been having a problem. We are looking for 2 white unicorns that hide in this forest. Then, we got a report about some suspicious figures. Those figures are you guys.” The silver-horned unicorn that stood right beside the unicorns’ leader speaks with indifference.

“What did those 2 unicorns do?” Ryu, innocently asks.

“… Huh? Did you really have to ask?” The silver-horned unicorn put one of its hooves on its forehead and shakes its head.

“No worries. Explain it to them.” The leader adds to their conversation.

“As you wish, my liege.” The other unicorn lowers its head and sighs. “It is because they ARE white.”

Hearing the answer from the unicorn, the entire group was left speechless, especially Jun and Ryu. It is clear that the answer disturbed the two so much that their face is now painted with a frown instead of a smile.

“I am sorry, but… WHAT?” Ryu suddenly shouts in response to the answer. “I DO NOT KNOW MUCH ABOUT UNICORN, BUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING WHITE?!”

“Heyyy watch your tong—”

“It is okay. Let me answer that.” Their leader chimes in. “While our original color skin is white, we used natural dyes to color our furs and mane. It symbolizes our freedom, along with these broken chains on our neck.”

“Then, what is wrong with keeping your original fur color???” Instead of calming down, the answer fires up Ryu even more. She keeps shouting and this time a small ember of fire could be seen on the gap between her mouths.

“It is a crime.”

“HOW IS IT A CRIME???” The ember of flame inside Ryu’s mouth is getting bigger.

“Because I said so.”

Hearing the final answer, Ryu finally shoots her flame upward in a fit of rage.

“How is it fair for them??? What if they liked their original fur color???”

During this fit of rage, some of the silver-horned unicorns lower their head because they actually understand what Ryu was talking about, yet they are not brave enough to stand against their leader; they fear for their own safety.

“You guys were supposed to represent freedom, are you not??? Then, why do you forbid those who made their own choice??”

Hearing Ryu’s response, the color of the leader’s face grows sour.

“Tell me, which part of forcing others to dye their fur is freedom???  You guys are betraying what you represent, you know?!”

Shouldn’t everyone be free to choose their own way of life?! Shouldn’t freedom be their power?!”

Once Ryu finishes her fit of rage, silence creeps in between them. The unicorn leader gazes deep into Ryu’s eyes, full of anger because an outsider criticized the way it reigns the land.

And suddenly…

“HEIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The leader of the unicorn neighs in a very high pitch and raises both of his front legs into the air.

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