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Story 05 – Colorless Is A Crime?! (Part 5)

With a very high pitch, the leader of the unicorns neighs and raises both of his front legs to the air. As if it is a signal, the other unicorns lower their heads and point their horns at the group of friends, ready to strike with a simple gesture.

“Whoa! Wait a second, everyone! We can talk this out peacefully, right?” Toyu jumps in between Ryu and the unicorn leader, trying to solve the matters peacefully.

“Not anymore, yellow one. Not after what your friend said.” The leader growls as he answers to Toyu’s proposition. That sentiment is shared with the other unicorns.

“T-then, how about this? Let us get away and we will never get in your way again!”

“Declined.” With a heavy voice, the leader quickly shuts down Toyu’s idea.

“A-at least, give us time to run away and hide! If you can catch us, then you can do anything to us!”

“OH THAT’S A GOOD IDEA, YOUR MAJESTY! LET’S DO JUST THAT!!!” The entire group of unicorns agreed with Toyu’s proposal. Hearing the sentiment of the other unicorns, the leader sighs.

“Alright. I agree. I will give you and your friends some time to run away from us. However, if we could catch you, then we will do whatever we want to you and your friends.”

“F-fine! W-we accept!”

Right after both Toyu and the leader reach an agreement, Toyu and friends run away in a hurry.

“I HOPE WE WILL NOT MEET AGAIN!!!” Once they get far enough, Toyu shouts.

Hearing that, the unicorn leader simply smiles a little. However, its face quickly turns melancholic yet again.

“Now, let’s get back to finding those two white unicorns.” With a solemn voice, the leader gives a command to the other unicorns.

“Affirmative, your majesty!” In unison, they all respond.

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