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Story 06 – A Friendly Fugitive (Part 1)

“I’m sorry, everyone!” 

As the group found their way around the pink and purple gigantic trees to escape from the unicorn, Ryu suddenly bows her head and stopped everyone in their tracks.

“What are you apologizing for, Ryu?” Jun, surprisingly, is the one to respond.

“I-I mean, because of what I said… We have to run…” Ryu’s face is filled with sadness as she looks down. Her hands and feet are shaking as she tries to hold back the tears from coming out.

“It is okay, Ryu, we also felt the same thing.” Ken said as he pats Ryu’s back, trying to reassure the pink dragon.

“Yeah, Ryu. We also dislike how the leader chased after the white unicorn just because of their fur color!” Hana, who is usually calm, said with a hint of anger in her voice.

“You stood for what was right, Ryu! We are proud of you for saying those words!” Toyu jumps around as he shakes Ryu’s hand.

“Everyone… Thank you!” Hearing how her friends actually supported her decision, the cloud of doubts inside of Ryu’s head dispersed and she is back to her usual cheerful self.

“Ummm… I am glad that you are no longer sad, but… I hope you guys did not forget that we are running away? At the moment, we are… not running?” Jun reminds everyone.


Everyone is suddenly reminded that they are still on the run from the group of unicorns. However, unlike a few moments ago where they ran with many negative feelings, this time they are laughing as they maneuver around the forest.

Despite not really the athletic type, Jun easily covers more distance thanks to his long and slender legs. Vines, trunks, and bushes provide no challenge to the blue guy, the brain of the team.

Following closely behind Jun is Ken. As he is big and tall, he also has no problem with vines or trunks. However, when there is a bush in front of him, he has a small problem especially with trying to move around due to his weight.

Right behind the two are Ryu and Toyu. Both of them relied on their speed because of their small and tiny feet. When big branches stand on their way, they would simply crouch a bit and there will be no problem.

However, one of them really has no problem with anything, and that is Hana. In fact, Hana flies leisurely in front of Jun. It looks as if there is no problem at all for Hana as she utilizes the full utility of her small wings.

The group of friends are in a pinch, that much is correct. However, they are still together. Each one of them believes that as long as they are together, nothing can stand in their way. After all, their friendship will prevail no matter what hardship may arise!

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