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Story 06 – A Friendly Fugitive (Part 2)

Unlike in Toyu Land where the sun never sets, at the moment the sun is starting to set in Unicorn Land. The sky turns bright orange as some birds could be heard chirping in the faraway sky, going home to their nest after a whole day of flying around.

It has been hours since the group started running away from the unicorns, and it is clear that exhaustion starts to kick in. Ken starts to run slower and stops from time to time to catch his breath. Jun resorts to fast walking instead of running, and sometimes would lean on the trunk of a tree. Even Toyu and Ryu, who have been very energetic finally feel some of that exhaustion.

However, there shall be no rest for the group as Toyu heard a splashing sound nearby.

“Hey guys, did you hear that???”

Toyu puts his index finger on his mouth, as if shushing everyone. He tries to listen closely, and then he hears another splashing sound. However, bushes, vines, leaves, and trees that stood in front of them prevent Toyu from finding out where that sound came from.

“Let me check that out!”

Hana offers her service, as she is the only person in the group that still has energy to spare. The group nods, accepting her offer. Those nods are the only thing Hana needed, since Hana quickly rose into the air, over the colorful leaves and to the dimming sky.

Hana spends a few minutes on the air, trying to get a 360 view of their location. It was then that she finds that there is a small creek not far from where they are.

“Guys, guys! There is a small creek nearby! Let’s go check it out!” Hana said in excitement as soon as she flew down. This positive news from Hana is received with cheerful shouts by her friends.

“Let’s go there!” Ryu shouts, could not stop her excitement.

“SSSSHHHH!!! Ryu! Keep your voice down! We are running away, remember???” Toyu keeps smacking his index finger to his lips, signaling Ryu to keep her voice down.

“A-ahahaha…” Ryu scratches her head in an apologetic manner.

The five of them once again go through the bushes. This time, with a renewed spirit as they find a new hope–a new place for them to rest.


Once they got through the dense pines and oaks, Ryu once again shouts in excitement, surprising everyone.

“Ryu!!! Shhhhhh!!!”

This time, Ken is the one to remind Ryu to keep her voice down. He does this with a frowning face. However, Ryu’s response was different than when Toyu reminded her to keep her voice down. This time, she covers her mouth with her hands instantly.

“Oh no… I was too excited to finally find a place to rest…” Ryu mumbles. Her face looks sad.

“So am I, Ryu. Thank you for being loud in my place.”

Jun calmly patted the little dragon on her shoulder and smiled. Seeing Jun smiling at her, her face instantly brightens up.

Now that the group finally found a creek with fresh flowing water, they can take some time to rest.

“Alright!!! Everyone, let’s rest!!!”

Toyu shouts, raising his hand in the effort to raise everyone’s morale. He hoped that everyone would also raise their hands in the air, following him. However, what he got instead is Jun’s chop on his head.

“Ow! What was that for, Jun???”

“That was because you were being noisy.” Jun smirks at Toyu, followed by everyone’s laugh.

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