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Story 06 – A Friendly Fugitive (Part 3)

Under the sky that turns even darker as time goes by, the group of friends finally reached the creek that Hana saw. It was hidden not only under the denseness of the pine trees, but also a few giant rocks covered in moss.

And once they saw the creek, no one said a word.

Their noisiness from before washed away as they lay their sight on the beautiful display in front of them.

The small creek is shaped like a crystal, with a small mound of land dividing it in the middle. The water is clear, transparent, and ever-flowing. As it flows through the golden stones and pebbles, it creates a rainbow-colored vapor of mist.

It took them a while until they snapped back and looked at each other with bright and happy faces. “Finally we can rest!” is what their face is saying.

There was no need for words. The group of friends happily skip and run toward the clear water. Toyu jumps in first and he starts splashing some of the creek’s water to the others. Following suit, unexpectedly, was Jun. He starts devising some way to splash even more water on Toyu for revenge. Then, Ryu joins in on the fun, ganging up on Toyu.

While all of those are happening, Ken sits by the side, dipping his feet on the creek so he would feel refreshed.

“Aaaaahhh… Now this is a nice change of pace.” Ken mumbles to himself.

“It sure does.” Hana chimes in as she sits down right beside Ken.

“Oh, Hana. You are not going to play with them?”

“Nah, I guess I will take a well-deserved rest instead.” Hana responds as she tries to drink some of the creek’s water. “But would you look at them? How can they still have enough energy to play around like that?”

Hearing Hana’s rhetoric, Ken laughs in a very loud voice.

“You are right. All those running is tiring me out, and yet there they are, still have enough energy to play.” Ken said as he tries to wipe the tears coming out of his eyes due to excessive laughter.

“But that is a good thing, right?”

“Of course. I was very worried that everyone would feel down because of the incident with the unicorns…”

“Yes, especially Jun and Ryu. They seemed as if they were really shocked with what the leader said.”

Both Ken and Hana then take a very deep breath. Most of the time, the two of them tend to be the guardians of the group. Ken would be giving everyone a big and comfy hug, while Hana will try her best to help everyone out.

And yet, during their confrontation with the unicorns, there was nothing they could have done. It was thanks to Toyu that the situation could be defused. Even then, it was not an ideal solution to the problem.

Especially knowing Ryu. Ryu is very vocal in what she believed in, that is why she openly rejects what the unicorn leader said. Having her proposition shot down just like that will only make her try even harder when another opportunity appears.

While the two were in deep thinking, suddenly Toyu stops his movement and looks all around as if he was searching for something. Both Ken and Hana notice this.

“What is it, Toyu?”

“Shhhh. I hear something…”

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