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Story 06 – A Friendly Fugitive (Part 4)

Right after they found the creek, the group of friends jumped in in an instant. Toyu, Ryu, and Jun played together on the creek, splashing water on each other. At the same time, Hana and Ken sat together near the creek while dipping their feet; the two of them thought about what had happened during their time on the land of Unicorn.

However, suddenly Toyu stopped his movement and looked all around him as if trying to find something; both Ken and Hana noticed this immediately.

“What is it, Toyu?”

“Shhh… Quiet. I heard something.” Toyu puts his index finger in front of his lips, signaling the two to keep their voice low.

Toyu keeps looking all around him, then he throws a small pebble into one of the bushes.

“Aahh!” Suddenly, a voice could be heard coming from where Toyu had thrown his pebble.

“Who’s there???” Toyu shouts in a deep voice, trying to scare whoever is hiding in the bush.

“I-I am sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” The voice replied.

“If what you say is true, then come out now!” Toyu replied while still using his deep voice.

“O-okay, I will come out. So please do not throw another pebble at me.” The voice said, pleading.

Slowly but surely, something could be seen coming out of the bush. It starts with a golden spiral horn that surprises everyone. They were all getting tense, fearing it was someone related to the unicorn leader.

However, after a while, the owner of the golden spiral horn comes out completely out of the bush.

Instead of a colorful unicorn, what came out is a pure white unicorn. All parts of its body–except the hooves and the eyes–is white. Its big rounded eyes stare at the group full of sadness, wary, and fear. Unlike the other unicorns that the group have met earlier, this unicorn is not big. In fact, it looks as if it is still a child–a toddler, even.

Seeing how cute the unicorn is, Ken cannot hold back his impulse to come closer. The sudden movement by Ken surprised the unicorn as it even tried to flee. However, once it sense no malice or evil from Ken, it calms down.

“Come here, little unicorn.” Ken said as he spread open his arm, offering a friendly hug.

Watching Ken do that, everyone follows suit. Even Toyu, who finally dropped his deep voice that he used to intimidate the little unicorn.

“Come here, little one. Let us give you a friendly hug!” Toyu said.

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