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Story 06 – A Friendly Fugitive (Part 5)

“Come on, let us give you a big friendly hug, little unicorn.”

In unison, the group of friends spread their arms, as if asking the unicorn to come to them. Sensing that there is no hostility from Toyu and friends, the little unicorn comes closer. And closer. And closer. Until it is on the range of the group’s hugs.

“I am sorry I threw a pebble at you.” Toyu was the first one to hug the little unicorn. He sees the part where the pebble hit the unicorn as it left a little mark. Then, he rubbed the mark with his hand. After Toyu was done, everyone else took turns to hug the little unicorn.

“I-it is okay… I am also sorry for scaring you…” The unicorn replies.

“What are you doing here, deep in the forest all by yourself?” Hana asks with a very worried tone.

“Wait… Are you the fugitive unicorn?” Before the unicorn got a chance to answer, Ryu asked another question. Hearing Ryu’s question, the face of the little unicorn is suddenly filled with fear.

“A-Are you the colorful unicorn’s underling???” In fear, the unicorn asks a question back at Ryu and friends.

“No! Definitely not! I hate how that pink unicorn thinks!!!” Ryu blatantly answers the question.

“O-oh… In fact, I am on the run from those unicorns…” It adds. “My name is Whitey…”

“What would happen if they catch you, Whitey?” Jun adds to the conversation.

“They… might bring me to the unicourt… The court for unicorns…”

“But you have not done anything wrong, right???” Ryu asks in protest.

“I… have. At least according to them… The fact that I did not want to dye my fur into colorful colors is a crime. And according to the scientists, white is not considered as a color, proven by the glass pyramid light refraction…”

Once they heard the reason why Whitey was running away, the group became confused. However, their confusion is also painted with some rage.

“Wait a second… You are guilty because… of your choice?”

A fit of rage once again filled Ryu’s head as she asks Whitey a question. Once again, embers of flame start to light up the gap between her mouth. Responding to her question, Whitey simply nods in agreement.

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