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Story 07 – Lonely Hearts Break (Part 1)

There was no exchange of words amongst the group of friends as all of them hung their heads low, not even the beauty of the Unicorn Land could brighten up the atmosphere.

“It should be around here, right…?”

Toyu breaks the silence as he looks around, trying to find the escape gate that could help them leave the land of the Unicorn.

“Is this really the right thing to do…?”

Instead of answering Toyu’s question, Ryu instead asks another question. It is clear that she still thinks about Whitey that they have just left behind, and that question stopped everyone on their tracks.


Following the sound was Ken who decided to sit down on the ground. His face looks like he is under a lot of heavy sadness.

“But what else can we do?” Ken adds. Again, silence greets the group of friends.

“Hmm… What if we try to find Whitey’s little brother?” Hana proposes an idea. Upon hearing that idea, everyone’s face lit up.

“Usually… I will not agree with that idea.” Jun responds to the idea thrown in by Hana. “However, if we did not do that, I am sure we will not feel fulfilled, right?” Jun said with a smile.

“But what about the colorful unicorns that are also looking for Whitey’s brother?”

Ryu voices a concern; a concern she shared with everyone, because suddenly everyone has a grim look on their faces. Everyone, except for Hana.

“Hmmm… What if we have some way to fight the colorful unicorns?”

“Eh…?” Everyone lets out a confused voice, paired with confused reaction on their face.

“Try to think about it. The Unicorn leader told us that the white unicorns are criminals, right?” Everyone nods. “Then, what if we turn the leader into a white unicorn using bleach!?”

“Now that is a very reckless strategy.” Jun said as he cracked a small laugh, followed by everyone else. Finally, the mood is not as sour as it was before.

“Okay, it is decided! We will find a way out of here while still keeping a lookout for Whitey’s brother!” Toyu raises his arm and shouts, his morale refilled.

“Yes!!!” Everyone agreed as they shouted in unison with a high spirit.

“And of course, we will use bleaching agents to fight the colorful unicorns, right?” Ken suddenly adds, and everyone blows out a very loud and noisy laughter. Hana, meanwhile, smiles alone as she sees everyone back in high spirit.

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