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Story 07 – Lonely Hearts Break (Part 2)

Hours passed, and they are getting closer to the escape gate. However, despite everyone’s best effort, Toyu and friend still could not find any clues to Whitey’s little brother’s whereabouts.

“Whitey’s little brother! Where are you?!” Everyone shouts out, trying to call out to the white unicorn they are searching for to no avail. Most of their shouts have no replies.

… at least, not until they are at the end of the creek.

At the end of the creek, they encountered a very ancient giant purple Super Oaks, standing in front of the way. That was when they heard a small and weak whisper.

“I-is anyone there?”

While Toyu heard the weak whisper, no one else did. He focuses his hearing and closes his eyes.


And he heard it again.

“Sshhh, everyone! I heard something!” Toyu said as he puts his index finger in front of his mouth, signaling everyone to stop talking. Right after everyone gets silent, Toyu asks everyone to follow him.

As the five of them went around the back of the oak, they noticed that there is a cage-like hole on the Oak. Inside the oak is a white unicorn with a gold spiral horn resting on its head.

“A-ah, finally another person!!!”  The white unicorn said somberly. “I-I was afraid that you are another unicorn…”

“Are you Whitey’s little brother?” Ryu asks with a warm smile.

“Y-you guys know my sister?” The white unicorn asks with teary eyes, afraid that something happened to her sister.

“She was also looking for you, you know!” Toyu answers as he brings up his arm, showing Whitey’s mane circling it.

“Yeah! She told us to go here in search of the escape gate.” Ken adds.

“O-oh… I… got separated from her as we ran from the other unicorns…” Again, the white unicorn said with his eyes tearing up. “B-by the way, my name is Ted…”

“Hi Ted, my name is Toyu!” With a bright smile, Toyu introduces himself.

“I am Ryu, the dragon lady!”Ryu follows Toyu in introducing herself.

“My name is Jun.” Jun follows in calmly.

“I am Ken! I would like to hug you, but this cage is in the way.” Ken said as he scratches the back of his head.

“And I am Hana, the group’s guardian angel!” Hana chimes in as the last member of the group.

“H-hi everyone… I-I would like to shake your hands, but this cage is in the way…” Ted is feeling grateful to the group, but his circumstances prevent him from shaking hands with his new friend.

“Alright then, everyone! I think it is clear what we have to do now! Let’s get Ted out of the cage!” Toyu proclaims. He raises his arm to the air, and everyone follows with a shout.

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