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Story 07 – Lonely Hearts Break (Part 4)

“Sssssttttt Ryu! What were you thinking???” Toyu tugs on Ryu’s arm as he whispers to her.

“Come here, everyone! I want to talk about something!” Ryu raises her arm and swings her palm, calling her friends to gather around. “Please wait a moment Mr. Oak!”

“So here is the strategy, guys.” As soon as her other friends gather, Ryu starts whispering the strategy she had in mind. “There are five of us, so if we offer ourselves to be locked up, I am sure the oak cannot take all of us inside of its old body.”

Hearing the strategy proposed by Ryu, everyone starts thinking hard.

“If my calculation is correct, Ryu’s strategy can be applied.” Jun is the first one to agree with Ryu. Inside of his head, he already finished some calculations by seeing the “prison” area of the Oak.

“Well… If Jun agrees, what else can we do, right?” Toyu said as he looked at his friends, which in turn nodded in unison.

“Alright then. I will let you handle the talk, Ryu.” Toyu taps Ryu’s shoulder as a way to wish her luck. That wish is answered by a firm nod from Ryu.

“Okay, mr. Oak. How about you let the little unicorn go, and have the five of us accompany you?” Ryu said right as soon as the circle she formed with her friends dispersed.

“Hmm…? What can… you offer…? This unicorn… has been telling… stories about… the unicorn war… What about… you guys…?”

“We have had many adventures we could tell you! In fact, we are not from Unicorn Land!”

The mention of them not being from Unicorn Land brightens the Oak’s eyes.

“Hoo… That is… certainly… interesting…”

Suddenly the earth shakes greatly. The “prison” made of roots, trunks, and branches that has caught Ted for a while, starts to open.

“With this, you can be reunited with your sister, Ted!”

“E-everyone… Thank you!!!” Ted lets out happy tears.

All that is left is to wait for the prison to be completely opened and for Ted to get out of there and find her sister.

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