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Story 07 – Lonely Hearts Break (Part 5)

Slowly but surely, the prison of the tree that has trapped Ted for a while is completely open. Right after the last bar goes back to the earth, Ted can safely get out of there.

However, right after Ted skips out from the prison, a very thick and big trunk tangles around Ryu and grabs her by the legs.

“Hoho… I cannot be… deceived that easily… little dragon.” The emerald eyes on the tree glows bright. “I am… this forest… I can hear… even when you… whisper…”

“Oh no! Everyone gets read–” Before he could finish his sentence, Toyu is also grabbed by the legs, and so does the other one except for Ted.

“Just because… my prison is… not big enough… does not mean… I cannot… keep you guys… here…”

“M-Mr Oak??? Let them go!!!” Seeing the friends that were brave enough to wager their life captured by the Oak, Ted felt an unexplainable anger.

“No… They are… mine… FOREVER!!!” The Oak’s eyes change color into a deep bright red as it shrieks with a voice so loud to shake the other trees around them.

“Let go of… my friend!”

Even though he is afraid, Ted tries to overcome his fear. He raises his front legs to the air, making a kicking gesture to charge up his power until his golden horn shines brightly.


Bravely, Ted charges toward the old and ancient Oak. The Oak deploys some vines and trunks to protect itself, but they are meaningless in front of the golden horn of a unicorn. Without anything to slow it down, Ted manages to dig his gold horn right between the eyes of the Oak.


The Oak screams in agony and lets the group of friends go as it uses its trunks to throw Ted away.


The Oak prepares one of its biggest trunks to smash Ted. Unfortunately for Ted, he is a little bit dizzy because the Oak threw him away earlier. Toyu and friends too, are still disoriented after the Oak let them go.

Big sister… Help me…!

With each second passes, the gigantic trunk is getting closer to Ted, ready to crush him anytime. Ted closes his eyes, resigning himself to whatever fate awaits him after the attack that he doubts he could withstand.


Slowly, Ted opens his eyes.

In front of him, stands another white unicorn with a horn shines a brilliantly blinding golden light. As for the trunk, it is divided in two. Presumably, thanks to the unicorn that saves him.

“B-big sister?” Ted’s voice shakes; a combination of fear, nervousness, and relief.

“It is okay now, Ted. Because I am here.” Whitey said without looking at her little brother. “Are you ready to protect our new friends?” That was when Whitey turns around and gives Ted the brightest smile.

“Of course!” Ted tries to get back on his feet. This time, he feels more confident to face the Oak. After all, nothing could beat the combination of two Unicorns with a gold horn.

“HYEAAAAAHHHH!!!!” In unison, the two unicorn charges forward, paying no mind to thick branches and trunks the Oak summoned to protect itself.

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