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Story 08 – Grief of Innocence (Part 1)

“Everyone, let’s help Whitey and Ted!”

Toyu commands his friends, and everyone gets in their position. Jun and Ken work together and hold back some of the roots the Oak used as weapons, while Hana and Toyu charges ahead and slam their body towards the gigantic Oak. Ryu, meanwhile, is charging up her hottest flame.

“Everyone, stay away!”

Ryu shouts as she spits out the biggest and hottest fireball she could make. Unfortunately, some of the Oak’s branches managed to block the fire.

“Oh no…” Ryu wallows.

“Thank you for the help, you guys!” Whitey tries to encourage Ryu after seeing how her effort fails.

The two white unicorns raise their front feet into the air and once again focus their strength on their horn. Absorbing the sun light that when through the gap between leaves, their golden horn shines a very brilliant light.

“Let’s finish this, Ted.” Whitey said as she smiles to her little brother. Ted nods.

In a very high speed, the two unicorns rush and try to attack the Oak with their golden horn. Again, the Oak tries to defend against it using its thick branches. However, those branches felt like paper for the golden horn.

“GRRRAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH.” The Oak screams in pain, causing the trees around them to once again shake furiously. However, it seems that the Oak can still fight.

“Everyone, get down.”

Suddenly, they heard a familiar voice followed by galloping footsteps. While they knew who that voices belong to, it is the least of their concern. And so, they duck, following the command said by the voice.


Right when they duck, a ray of rainbow struck the gigantic Oak.

“GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” The Oak shrieks in pain, but as time goes by, the shrieks calmed down. So does the stern expression of the Oak.

When the rainbow ray starts to disperse, everyone could see the giant Oak gets very limp. Each and every thick trunks and roots it had grows thin and fragile, as if it would perish with a touch. However, the Oak smiles as its last moment comes closing in.

“Ah… This warmth…”

Slowly, light fades away from the emerald eyes it had. As its eyes closed, its body is enveloped in a bright white light before it turns into dust and disperse away, blown by the wind.

“Great Oak…” Toyu said with a very sad tone.

Despite how the Oak tried to harm them, Toyu had wished that there was a way to make the Oak understand without having to make it fall in battle. This feeling is shared by the others, as they circle around Toyu and try to calm him down.

“Guys! Look at this!”

Ted, who was observing the place where the Oak resided, suddenly called out to them. As they tried to wipe their own tears, suddenly they realized there is a new oak sprout on the soil of the unicorn forest.

“Ah… The unicorn forest is giving the Oak a second chance…” Whitey is the first one to say anything.

“Mm.” Ted nods. “Despite anything, the Oak protected me when I was inside of its trunk. I hope with this, he will be able to make more friends.”

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