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Story 08 – Grief of Innocence (Part 2)

“Despite anything, the Oak protected me when I was inside of its trunk. I hope with this, he will be able to make more friends.” With a very big and warm smile, Ted said those words near the new oak sprout.

However, their celebration of the Oak’s rebirth is cut short with gallops that get closer to them.

“There you are, Whitey. Ted.”

In a calm voice, the leader of the unicorn presents himself in front of the Toyu and friends. His big blue eyes glisten brilliantly, and yet it seems really cold. His stare alone is enough to send shivers all over the two white unicorns.

“Y-You…” Whitey jumps backward, getting her fighting stance ready.

“Hahaha look at that small white unicorn! She thinks she could beat the leader!” One of the colorful unicorn laughs at Whitey’s effort; then, the other unicorns also laugh, following suit.


The leader speaks in a very harsh, yet calm tone. With that word alone, he could quell all the disrespecting laughter from the colorful unicorns.

“Will you come home with me, Whitey? Ted?” The leader said as he offers his hooves to the two unicorns.

“… What if we decline?” Whitey, still on her fighting stance, replied coldly.

“Then we will take you by force! Hahahahaha!”

Again, one of the colorful unicorns answers the question instead of the leader. However, this time the leader simply lets out a big sigh and moves one of his front legs forward. Seeing that, Whitey’s fighting stance dissolves away, losing to fear.

“Wait a moment, unicorn leader!”

Just as the leader of the unicorns step forward, so do Toyu, Jun, and Ken; meanwhile, Hana is trying to calm the two white unicorn down, and Ryu is charging up her fire.

“Do you really think you can win?”

Full of pride, the leader speaks. However, he said it as if it was not an empty pride. After all, it was him who defeated the Oak even when Ryu’s fire could not even scratch it.

“Even if we could not, we will not stand and watch our friends be taken away!” Toyu speaks with resolve.

“Hoo… Amusing. I will give you a chance to present a reason as to why we should not take them with us.” The leader smirks, surprised with how firm Toyu’s resolution is.

“They… I do not think they are criminals!” Toyu proclaims, full of confidence. “There is no way the two of them even plan to rebel and destroy the Unicorn Land!”

“And your proof being?”

“They even feel sad for the Oak that imprisoned Ted! How can someone like that have the will to destroy the Unicorn Land?! That is why, I believe they cannot possibly be a criminal like you have told us!”

Hearing Toyu’s answer, the unicorn leader smiles. Then, he laughs the loudest laugh ever since Toyu met him. This laughter is then followed by the other unicorns—even though their laugh feels more awkward because they do not know why the leader is laughing.

“HAHAHA! Then, let me tell you something. Something you might not know about those two unicorns over there!” The unicorn leader said as he pointed his hoof at the two white unicorns.

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