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Story 08 – Grief of Innocence (Part 3)

“I will tell you something you never knew about the two white unicorns!”

The unicorn leader points his hoof at the twins and smiles. However, this time his smile has no sense of pride at all. In fact, his smile feels warm instead.

“W-what is it???” Toyu was not prepared for the leader’s reaction. Nonetheless, Toyu steals his resolve and hears the unicorn leader thoroughly.

“This will be long, so please take a seat.” The leader looks at Toyu and friends, and he turns his head to his followers. “And for all of you, dismissed!”

“R-Roger!” Following the command of their leader, the other unicorns gallops away from the forest, back to their headquarters.

“Now that the hindrance is gone, will the two of you come here, my niece and nephew?”

“… Huh?!” Toyu and friends shouts in confusion at the same time.

“The truth is, both Whitey and Ted are the children of my little brother.” The unicorn leader said with a blank expression. However, it is clear that his eyes are looking through a time that has long since passed.

“Not long ago, we the unicorns were all white in color.” With a long sigh, the unicorn leader starts his history lesson.

“As the highest authority amongst the other unicorns, we the golden horn had to do all we can to preserve our kind. That was when I started the military training for the Unicorns.”

“Wait, why would you need military training in the first place?” Ryu innocently asks.

“It was… for self-defense… ” The leader sighs before continuing his story.

My little brother was so enthusiastic when he heard of my idea that he enrolled and the first one to actually graduate. As soon as he finished the training, suddenly his body turned colorful.”

“Oh, so it is a natural occurrence, huh.” Jun nods to himself.

“Yes, it is a natural phenomenon, even though I could not explain it.” The leader agrees to what Jun said.

“For the next part, I only read some reports… But from those reports, I knew that my little brother had a big fight with Ted & Whitey’s mother. That happened because she would not join the military, no matter what.”

Hearing what the leader said, Whitey and Ted’s body shivers.

“Uncle… can I speak about this?” Even though she stands while shivering of sadness, Whitey comes forward. “I think… I would know better than you…”

“… If you insist.”

“It was a few months ago when Ted and I were playing on a nearby hill. We were scribbling something on the nearby hill… We overheard our father speaking about how being strong will make us flourish, but mother disagrees strongly. She believed that war will only bring suffering…”

As she tells her side of the story, her eyes become teary and tears start to fall.

“That was when they suddenly fought… Somehow, father got so angry he kicked mother off of a cliff… When he realized what he had done, he jumped and tried to rescue his mother, but none of them came out of the hill…”

And then, come silence. No one could say anything after hearing such a heavy story from the two little unicorns. Whitey and Ted too, are both in the verge of breaking down and cry.

“Oh no, you guys have been through a lot…” Ken was the first one to break the silence as he walks slowly and give a very big hug to Whitey and Ted, followed by Hana, Jun, and Toyu. Ryu, meanwhile, slowly sobs away on the corner all by herself.

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