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Story 08 – Grief of Innocence (Part 4)

“… That is the truth about Whitey and Ted.” Once the little unicorns stopped crying, the unicorn leader spoke up.

“But you did not have to make them criminals, right?!”

Despite knowing the history about Unicorn Land, Ryu is still very angry at the unicorn leader. After all, there are many other ways if he wanted to keep the two little unicorns safe.

“Do you know of… the Jungle World?” When the leader said that, his eyes were filled with fear.

“Mmm… We have not heard of it…” Jun was the one to answer, because he is the most knowledgeable among the others.

“It is a scary world where they have only one rule: Only the strongest survive.”


“I heard that the animals living there are constantly fighting to see who is stronger. And that is why we tried so hard to improve our military.”

“I guess… I understand…” Jun reluctantly agrees with the leader.

“That is why, Whitey, Ted, let’s go back. I will not be able to protect you if you are not around.”

“But I do not want to be colorful!” Whitey screams at the top of her lung.

“Me… I also do not want it…” Ted said as he shares the same sentiment.

Hearing the denial from both of his relatives, the leader of the unicorn sighs.

“Alright… I will personally tell our scientist to discover why we turn colourful after completing the military course. In the meantime, both of you will take our arts and history class. Is that okay?”

Even though he sighs, it was not because of dissatisfaction. Instead, it was one of relief, knowing both of his relatives are okay. The coldness inside of his eyes too, has melted over the sight of Whitey and Ted eyes glittering after hearing his words.

He thought to himself, maybe he also had a part in this whole tragedy. He was the first to initiate the military training that made his little brother fight his own wife. What if he waited a bit and did more research about the color changing phenomenon? Would the two small unicorns in front of him live a better life?

And just as the leader ponders to himself…

“Uncle… Let’s go home…” Ted tugs on his mane.

It was at that moment the leader of the unicorn realized something. Nothing he does now would be able to change the past. However, he can make a change by nurturing the two unicorns left behind by his little brother with love and care.

“Okay then! Let us go home!” For the first time, the unicorn leader smiles as he bite the mane of the two little unicorns and puts them on his back.

“Toyu, was it? You and your friend will also be our honorable guest! Let’s go and have a wonderful feast at the castle!”

“Yeah!!!” Toyu and others shout in unison and raise their arms into the air.

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