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Story 08 – Grief of Innocence (Part 5)

The Unicorn Castle is located near the place where Toyu and friends crash-landed, but it was hidden with the combination of unicorn magic and science. There is a big connecting barrier of rainbows that hides the castle away from unsuspecting eyes.

“This is interesting!” Jun said in excitement, seeing how the barrier disperse as the unicorn leader touched it with his golden horn. “Is the golden horn the key to this barrier?”

“Hmm… Not really. The horn is the key!” The leader laughs, full of pride in telling his country’s invention to Jun.

“The horn? So no unicorn is special?” Ryu adds more questions.

“It’s the opposite, actually!” This time, Ted is the one to answer. “Our horn print is unique, so no unicorn can have the same horn!”

“That’s amazing…” Ken, who does not actually understand anything, speaks in awe.

“Hey, it is okay if you do not understand it, Ken. Because even I do not understand it myself! Hahahaha!” Despite trying his best not to show it, the leader still found out that Ken does not actually understand—he even laughs at it.

Maybe this is how the leader actually is, everyone thought.

From the barrier entrance, the group of friends still have to walk a bit through a lush and colorful forest before they finally arrive at the castle gate: a gigantic golden gate guarded by elite unicorn guards on each side.

“General!” In unison, the two guards greet their leader and the guests before opening the massive gate.

From the outside, the castle might look just like another run-off-the-mill castle. However, the inside speaks a different story. Not only is it spacious, it is also filled with bright-colored and unique furniture such as the blue sky chandelier, gigantic sandalwood table, and various clay-based chairs.

“Make yourself at home, Toyu and friends. You can take a shower and rest up first, we will meet at the dining table tonight.”

After the entire group has finished taking a shower and their well-deserved rest, they met up with the leader, Whitey, and Ted on the dining table. They talked about so many things, starting from their ordinary lives in Toyu Land, until the moment they reached the Unicorn Land. In exchange, the leader also tells many stories about their own land.

“Toyu, Ken, Ryu, Hana, and Jun. What do you say about becoming the permanent resident of Unicorn Land?”

Suddenly, the leader gave a proposal to the group of friends. Within the proposal is also a guarantee of having all they need to be fulfilled and a title for each one of them so they can go in and out the castle at will. Seeing this proposal, the group of friends are at a loss of words. Not to mention both Whitey and Ted are looking at them with a wishful eyes. However…

“I am sorry, but we must decline.” Toyu calmly said.

“And your reason being?” The leader tries to challenge that decision.

“We set out from Toyu Land not to find a new place, but to find new adventures.” Toyu said with a smile. “And for us, this Unicorn Land is only the beginning.”

“…” The leader looked at them intensely before answering Toyu’s resolution. “I see. That is alright, we understand. But you will spend the night here, right?”

“Can we?!” Ryu asks with much expectation.

“Of course you can! You are today’s guest of honor anyway!” The leader of the unicorn answers with the brightest smile he could make.

Their last night at the unicorn land is filled with happiness. Not only they could reunite Whitey and Ted, but they could also fix the misunderstanding between the families of gold-horned unicorn. Maybe that is also why the dinner they are having tasted more delicious than before: because they eat with everyone that loves each other.

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