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Story 01 – Meet the Happy Ones!


Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there existed a land filled with fun and happiness in every corner. The name of that land is Toyu Land. There, no one knows what tears look like, because everyone and everything lives happily ever after.

The sky in Toyu Land is clear and painted in a beautiful tint of turquoise. However, once in a while, a group of clouds would come by to play; and today, thankfully, it is one of those days.

“Hey, check out the clouds!” With glee, a pink dragon points to one of the clouds.

“Oh?! I can see a lion there, Ryu!” Her friend, a yellow and round creature that looks like an egg points out to another direction.

“Ooooh!!! There is also a rabbit beside the lion, Toyu!”

Even when the clouds come to play, they always come as the cute cirrus clouds or as the big stratus clouds. That is also why Toyu and Ryu are on the fields, having a great time pointing on the clouds and guessing their shapes. They are making yet another happy memories, because in Toyu Land there is no sadness, only fun times!

“Toyu!!! Ryuuu!!!”

Suddenly, from a distance a voice could be heard calling out to Toyu and Ryu. It took a while before they could finally see who that voice belongs to: a slender and tall blue guy.

“Ah, it’s Jun! What’s up, Jun?!” Toyu exclaims, followed by Ryu waving her hand to the blue guy.

“I… I have a… great… idea…” Jun speaks with an excited face, but he tries so hard to catch his breath. “W-what if… we w-wake Ken up… and have a big… breakfast at his… house… with the others…?”

Hearing the suggestion from their friend, Toyu’s and Ryu’s face glows in excitement.

“Alright! I will get Hana! You guys should go to Ken’s house first!” Toyu said as he runs quickly to the distance.

“Toyu, wai—ah, he is gone…” Jun tried to say something, but before he could finish his sentence, Toyu can no longer be seen around them. “I already told Hana to meet us there, you know…” Jun then sighed.

“Ahahaha! That is just how Toyu is! Come on Jun, let’s go!”

Even with a leisurely pace, it does not take long for both Ryu and Jun to reach Ken’s house. His house is one of the biggest compared to the others’. There, Toyu is already waiting, accompanied by a small purple angel hovering right beside him.

“JUN!!! Why did you not tell me that Hana is already coming?!” Toyu complained with a frown.

“Hey, you were the one that suddenly ran off. Right, Ryu?”

“Ah…” Toyu scratches the back of his head. “T-that is true… I-I was just too excited about your plan, Jun!”

“By the way, Jun, what are we going to do now? The door is still locked, and Ken is still sleeping soundly…” Hana, the small purple angel beside Toyu asked.

“There is only one answer, Hana! Let’s bang his door until he wakes up!” Not giving Jun any moment to answer, Toyu answers the question instead. However, Jun seems to agree as he nods his head, giving his approval.

And so, everyone starts banging on Ken’s door.

“Ken!!! Wake up!!!” Everyone shouts in unison for a few full minutes.

The loud banging caused by everyone eventually wakes Ken up, and before long he opens the door. Ken, the huge green chill guy stands in front of everyone with a sleepy face.

“What is it, everyone…?” Yawning, he asked.

“We are hungry, Ken! Let’s use your kitchen and have breakfast together!” Toyu, acting as their leader, answers.

“I have no problem with it…” Ken answers while once again yawns and rubs his eyes. “But I have no ingredients at home…”

“Then, what if we get something from our house and cook them together?” Jun proposed.

After they heard Jun’s proposal, everyone started nodding and mumbling “That is a good idea!” Then, all of them decided to go home to bring their favourite ingredients, including Ken.

What do you think they are going to make? Stay tuned for the next adventure by Toyu in friends in the land of never ending happiness, the Toyu Land!

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