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Did You Know the Study Style of Your Kids?


Just like how everyone is different, every child is also different. They will have their own unique taste, their own favourite sport, and most importantly is their own style to study. Once parents could figure out the study style of their children, it will be easier for those children to reach their fullest potential.

There are a total of 4 study style for your kids: Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory, and Reading/Writing. For many children, they usually use a combination of the four. However, there will always be a certain style or combination that suits them the best.

Now, let’s try to find out which style would fit your kids!

 1. Visual Learner

A visual learner child will usually excels the best when they could see images or graphs. Below are some of the signs that your child is a visual learner.

  • They excel at visual activities such as arts.
  • They enjoy books with illustrations such as pictures, encyclopedia, or even maps.
  • They shine the best when they are given an example for the task they are working on
  • They are very good at recalling animals, people, worlds, or places
  • They have a very keen interest in the world and the objects around them

If this is your child’s studying style, it might help to create mind maps, charts, or diagrams to help them on their study. It would also be very helpful if you help them creating study notes filled with different colors.

2. Kinesthetic Learner

Children with this study style tends to be more active, and will learn better if they can get a hands-on knowledge. To know whether or not your child is a kinesthetic learner, you can look below.

  • They excels at activities that need physical movement such as sports
  • They really enjoy hands-on activities
  • They can’t sit still while they were studying
  • They love to jump right into the task
  •  They are very eager to do learning activities such as study games, coloring, or science experiments

If this is your child’s studying style, it would be very helpful to accommodate him by giving them practice sheets as they study. Alternatively, parents can also turn the study session into a fun game.

3. Auditory Learner

With an auditory learner, usually they do very well when knowledge is transferred verbally. Your child might be an auditory learner if they checks the signs below:

  • They are really capable when it comes to auditory activities like music
  • Before working on a task, usually they listen to the instructions carefully
  • During the activities, they might be asking a lot of questions
  • When doing schoolwork, they tend to hum, sing, or talk
  • They love talking with other people

Children that identifies as auditory learner would feel it helpful if parents recite their study notes loudly or if parents could help them when they struggle with a certain subject or area of study.

4. Reading/Writing Learner

Children with this study style always take notes whenever they see someone explains something. Below are some signs that might mean your child is a reading/writing learner:

  • They loves writing stories or reading books
  • They excel when they work alone without disturbance
  • When there is an instruction for a task, they tend to write it down
  • They are really good at remembering what they have read

For this type of learner, it’s best to let them write down what they have read into notes. It would also help them to create a checklist for their study.

Those are all 4 study style that children might have. It is important to note that sometimes, your child might combine a few style of learning. When that happens, parents could combine the tips of each learning style. Happy learning!

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