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Some Tips to Support Your Children During this Pandemic Crisis

Before we know it, the global crisis of Coronavirus has taken the entirety of our lives. No matter when and where, we will be able to find news about coronavirus, and it is getting scary. During this time of crisis, it gets even more important to support your children. This time, we are going to see how you can do that!

Follow the routines

During the quarantine, your schedule—and theirs—will change a lot. You will have to work at home and your kids will have to get their lesson using the internet. During these times, it is not strange for your kids to wake up later because they do not have to go to school. However, researchers agree that if you want to support your children during this crisis, you should still stick to a regular routine you have been doing before the quarantine. This is because consistency would calm your kids, especially if they get anxious easily.

Reduce the amount of news that they consume

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No matter what media they use be it TV, social media, or even YouTube, your kids would be able to see the newest information about the coronavirus. However, the influx of information they get has the potential to increase their anxiety. Try to block certain keywords on social media and unfollow some News channels on YouTube that always give updates about the coronavirus crisis all around the world.

Explain the situations in the simplest way possible

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If you and your kids have the habit to visit their grandparents every weekend, you might need to tell them why they could not do that for a while. You can tell them that they would not be able to meet their grandparents, but you cannot tell them that you are afraid their grandparents would get sick. If they are old enough, you can share more details with them, but always be thoughtful of what you are sharing with them, and try not to make them anxious instead.

Stay in touch using technology

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It might be sad for your kids not to be able to meet their friends—or even grandparents—regularly due to the quarantine. During these times, you can support your children by letting them stay in touch with their friends and grandparents by using many applications that would allow for a video call such as Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. By doing so, they would not have to feel detached from their loved ones.

Be creative!

Quarantine does not have to be a sad time! There are so many activities you can do with your kids. We have talked about it before in one of our articles, so go check them out!

Stay active!

Staying active is very important for our bodies, and the quarantine might be a hindrance for that activity. If you want to support your children and keep them active, you can start doing exercise at home. You can start with yoga or simple exercise such as push-ups and sit-ups. Or if you have money to spare, you can buy a Nintendo Switch and play RingFit Adventures with your kids to make them more active in a fun way!

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