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It’s Brownie Day! Let’s Celebrate With Delicious Brownies Recipe!

Did you know that in America, they celebrate what is known as National Brownie Day every December 8th? It is said that National Brownie Day started back in the 1800s when the people working at the Palmer House Hotel Chicago made their first brownie recipe. That recipe then changed the entire baking industry.

In order to celebrate the National Brownie Day, you could simply stuff yourself with various brownies. While that seems like a good idea, why not bring it up a notch? Rather than just eating them, how about this time we try to create various kinds of brownies together?

This time, we will provide you with some brownie recipes that we think might fit the occasion, especially with Christmas coming up fast.

1. Blackberry Cheesecake Brownies

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If you consider traditional brownies are boring, why not top it off with cheesecake and create a cheesecake brownies? And if that is still not enough, give a splash of fresh blackberry jam on top of the heavenly combinations! The color combination of white cheese and red blackberry jam are also fitting the theme of Christmas!

The total time it will take to make this beautiful cheesecake (according to the recipe) is 1 hour and 15 minutes. With only 10 minutes of preparation, we say that it is worth the time to wait that long!

2. Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

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Before you ask us how many calories this delicious looking brownie has, let us answer it for you: It is fine to have a cheat day once in a while! If you do cheat, we understand! I mean, can you really resist how good the brownies look?

However, you do not need to worry. The brownies created with this brownie recipe only have 144 calories each, far better compared to the usual brownies that have 356 calories. What else is there to love? It is simple, delicious, and more than anything, does not contain that much calories within them! 

3. Salted Caramel Brownies

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If you had enough sweetness (we know that it is almost impossible, but hey, it is good to prepare just in case), then this brownie recipe might be the one you need. It could give you the salty taste you craved for, but without turning the entire cake salty. Who would want to eat a totally salty brownies anyway?

Do not forget that you need to create a caramel sauce to make this brownie totally delicious! It is not hard, but it might take a few minutes to let the caramel fully ready, and another 20 minutes to make the caramel sauce stick to the brownies. Only then, you can sprinkle this delicious dessert with salt of your choice!

4. Mint Brownies with Chocolate Ganache

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If you meet anyone that says all brownies taste the same, they definitely have not tried to cook or eat what our recipe this time could create. With this delicious looking recipe, you will not only get the sweetness of chocolate, but also the fresh and piercing taste of mint before the chocolate ganache soothes your taste buds.

Yes, you heard that right! This brownie is a three-layered brownie with traditional brownies, mint filling, and chocolate ganache to finish it off. While it might sound scary to create a three-layered brownies, we can assure you that the steps written on the recipe will be easier to follow than you imagined

5. Double Espresso Brownies

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Above, we got you brownies that combine the sweet taste of chocolate and the saltiness of salt. This time, we will give you a brownie recipe that could combine the sweetness of chocolate, and the bitterness of espresso. And double that dose, in case you are in need for some kickers or all-nighters.

While it might sound delicious, you would need some way to get two shots of espresso ready. If you could get that sorted, then the other steps written on the recipe will be a walk in the park for you! You could also add the dose of espresso just in case you would need more caffeine to keep you awake.


Those are five of our favourite brownie recipes! Which one is your favourite? Or do you have your own favourite recipes? Tag our instagram page if you made one!

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Celebrate Cookie Day with These Cookie Recipes!

Many people do not know about the existence of National Cookie Day in America. While there is no known origin about National Cookie Day, the history of cookies–and by extension, cookie recipes–by itself is a well-documented fact: invented in Persia, spread through Europe, then it became the most favorite snack in Europe by the 15th century.

While National Cookie Day is not considered as a holiday, celebrating this day is not hard! All you need to do is to eat cookies anytime you would like to eat one! This means, you can celebrate even when you are at work.

Or! If you have the time, why not try to make your own cookies? After all, it will be Christmas soon enough! If you are up for it, we are going to provide you with a few cookie recipes today!


1. Easy Christmas Cookie

In this cookies recipe, the original creator made the cookies with the help of their one year old daughter. This recipe is to make simple plain sweet cookies, sprinkled with sugar on top of it. However, the main point of it is not only to create cookies, but also memories with your kids.

To create this cookie, you would not need that much of ingredients. Only a mixture of egg, sugar, melted butter, flour, and baking powder. It is easy, simple, fast, and delicious with the company of warm ginger drink.

2. Marie Biscuit Chocolate Ball

Marie biscuit chocolate ball is my guilty pleasure. Not only is it delicious, but it is also covered in chocolate. Not to mention, it is very easy to make, as there is no baking involved in creating this treasure ball.

If you are interested in making this chocolate ball, all you need to have are: a working refrigerator, a pack of marie biscuit, chocolate sprinkler, and some melted margarine. There is no need for eggs, and there is no need for flour. It is easy, fast, and wonderful.

3. Cranberry Christmas Cookie

Just in case you are busy during the Christmas eve, it might be a good idea to stock up on some cookie dough balls beforehand. And this time, this Cranberry Christmas Cookie might be the cookie recipe that is perfect for you!

Just in case the previous recipe made already gets you sick of chocolate, this cookie instead uses dried cranberries and pistachios to give you a unique taste combined with the doughiness of the cookie itself.

4. Homemade Oreo Cookie

While it might not be that expensive, if your kids always ask you to buy them oreo, it will start to tear a hole in your wallet sooner or later. For the same reason, weelicious made a recipe so we can make Oreo sandwich cookies by our own–or at least something that looks like it.

More importantly, with a little tinkering you can change the center filling with anything you would love to eat! You want to change it into fruit jams? You sure can! Want to fill it with cream cheese? No one is stopping you! This cookie recipe is for you to experiment with.

5. Baked Cheddar Cheese Crackers

Most of the earlier cookie recipes are sweet, and maybe you had enough of them. That is why, this time it is a savory cracker, made in the shape of stars! The star of the ingredients for this recipe is the cheese. You can use your cheese of choice, but the recipe told you to use shredded cheddar.

The recipe wrote that you would need at least 30 minutes for the preparation step, and another 20 minutes to actually bake the crackers. While they used a star dough shaper on the recipe, you could always take the freedom to shape the crackers to your liking.


With Christmas coming, preparing some cookies with our cookie recipes beforehand is a good idea so you would not have to get too busy during the Christmas eve, and could instead use the time to relax with your family.

Tell us in the comments below, what kind of cookies do you usually prepare before Christmas?

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5 Thanksgiving Recipe to Make with Your Kids!

In the United States, Thanksgiving started out as a ceremony to be thankful for a bountiful harvest. However, as time goes on, the national holiday now becomes the perfect moment for families to gather and enjoy various Thanksgiving recipes they could cook before the holiday.

While Indonesia has no history of celebrating Thanksgiving, it would be great to dedicate one special day where the family gathers and eat together. That’s why, today we will present to you 5 Thanksgiving recipes you can make together with your kids!

1. Vegetable Tian

For our first Thanksgiving recipe, we will create a Vegetable Tian.

Tian is the name of a dish prepared in “tian”, an earthenware vessel from French that can be used to cook and serve food. Usually, this dish is made using vegetables alone, but sometimes you can also add lamb, fish, or egg to it. 

For this Tian recipe, you can make it together with your kids because you will not use a stove or any kind of open fire. However, make sure you keep the knife away from your kids after you slice the vegetables.

You can find the recipe here.

2. Dark Chocolate Clusters

Who doesn’t like snack? Especially when it’s made out of chocolate!

With the simple ingredients of walnut, pecan, and almonds, you can create an amazing snack that the whole family can enjoy while having a conversation or watching Thanksgiving movies together.

Since there is no fire or sharp kitchen objects used to make this snack, you can work together with your kids or even competing with them to see who can create the most cluster of chocolates in a certain amount of time!

You can see how to make this delicious looking chocolate here.

3. Mashed Potato Casserole

Do you want a reason to let your kids play with food? Then, you can rest assured because with the next Thanksgiving recipe, you can let them mash the potatoes while you prepare the other ingredients to finish the dish.

After your kids help out with the mashing, you can let them see how you put the other ingredients you have prepared on top of the mashed potatoes and then when you put the dish inside the oven. Once the oven rings, you can reward their hard work with a delicious mashed potato dish!

You can find the recipe for this mashed potato here.

4. Fresh Pot Apple Cider

Thanksgiving is celebrated in November, which is usually the rainy season here in Indonesia. To combat the cold, make sure you prepare a warm drink for your partner and kids, and maybe even let your kids help out in the kitchen as you prepare the drink.

Since we are going to use a knife and a slow pressure cooker for this recipe, it might be wise to let your kids help out only when you don’t use a knife or the stove, such as letting them choose what kind of fruit they would want, and letting them put the fruit inside the cooker.

Once they finished, they could sit quietly and wait for their hard work to bring fruit. Or in this case, cider!

If you’re interested in making this warm drink, you can see the recipe here.

5. Fruit Cheesecake Dip

Eating a cheesecake is nice and fulfilling. However, making it is another story altogether. You would need to do a lot of things other than baking it. But what if you could make something with the flavor of a cheesecake, but without all the hard work?

Not only that, since we are not going to use any sharp object or fire, you can have an extra helping hand from your kids!

You can dip biscuits, wafers, or crackers into this dish with the whole family while having a warm and nice cup of tea in the evening.

If you want to create a cheesecake but don’t want the hassle of actually creating one, you can see the recipe for this dish here.