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Use These Tips to Make Your Kids Talk About What Happened in School!

As parents, of course we would like to know what our kids are experiencing at school. However, sometimes kids don’t want to talk about their days—especially when something bad happens. Even so, knowing your kids’ day is still a very important thing to do. That is why, today we will be giving some tips on how you can talk about what happened in school with your kids.

1. Stay calm regarding tricky topics

There might be times where your kids will bring up a topic so outrageous. When they do, try to stay calm. This tricky topics can range from maybe they accidentally hurt someone, or being accidentally hurt by someone. In any case, your calmness would mean so much for them.

2. You should share something to them

If you want to talk about what happened in school with your kids, they will appreciate it if you can share what happened to you. Maybe you did something interesting in work today, or maybe talk about how school was back in your day. Once you have shared your experience, they might be interested in sharing theirs.

3. Ask open questions

When you want your kids to talk about what happened in school, try to avoid “yes or no” questions. Instead, try asking something that could trigger them to start talking. Here are some example questions you could try:

  • What did you do on subject x today?
  • Did you do any project at school today?
  • What did you like the most from going to school today?
  • Who did you spend time with during the recess time?

4. Try asking about factual things

It might be hard for your kids to answer questions that feels like it’s out of nowhere. Try talking about something your kids could actually relate to. Maybe, if you get a notice about a new kid transferring to your kids’ class you could ask about it. Or maybe, about a certain subject they were excited for.

5. Be wary of problems

If you used to have a good relationship with your kids and suddenly they don’t want to talk about their day at school, usually that could mean a bigger problem is taking place. You could either give it time, or talk to other adults that knows about your child. Try talking with their teacher or try asking a professional opinion.


Like adults, there might be time when kids don’t want to talk about what happened in school. You need to take a closer look at your kids and see when they don’t want to answer your questions. When it happens, take a step back and leave your question for another time.

You can always ask them questions, but you really should not expect them to answer all those questions in a long and detailed way. The ultimate goal is to create a connection with your kids. To let them know that you care about their day at school. That is why, if you want to talk about what happened in school with them, find some casual moments to talk such as during dinner or while you commute.

Activities to do with your kids

Talk with your kids and ask them whether or not something interesting happened at school. Try to avoid questions filled with negative emotion or yes/no questions so they could be more open with you.

Here are some examples of questions you should avoid and you should use instead.



Did something bad happen today? I heard something happen in school today. How are you feeling? Want to share with me?
Do you have any friends in class? Who are the kids you spend time with the most at school?
Did you get your schedule? Could you tell me more about your schedule? What day are you excited for the most?
Was school fun? What was your favourite part of school today?
Did x subject went well? What part of x subject did you like the most today?


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