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Teach Recycling to Your Kids with These Activities!

Introducing recycling to your kids is an incredibly important thing. Kids need to know that the everyday items they used can be transformed into something else. By learning that items can be re-purposed through recycling, your kids will learn that making new items from recycled ones would take less energy and resources compared to creating items using brand new materials.

This time, we will list a few activities for you to introduce recycling to your kids!

Make a robot!

With this activity from ZiggityZoom, your kids will be able to use many discarded boxes, tubes, straws, and buttons to create a robot out of their imagination. Do not forget to supply your kids with a metallic duct tape so their robots could look more robot-ish. Your kids might need to cut something with scissors when doing this activity, so you might want to give them a hand.

Watering Cans!

If you happen to also have a garden in your house, you might need a watering can. However, rather than buying one, why not create one from already available material? Not only will it save you a lot of money, you will also be introducing recycling to your kids. Just make sure you help them when they need fire.

Make Bookmarks!

Are your kids cereal eaters? If so, you might have many empty cereal boxes laying around the house. Before you throw them out, try to sort them out with your kids and let them choose which boxes they would want as a bookmark.

Make a Tree Craft!

One idea of recycling is to turn something that you would usually throw away and turn them into something beautiful. With this activity, your kids can make a beautiful tree by their own design using egg cartons that you are no longer using. By cutting the cartons and painting them green, all they need to do next is a blank white canvas!

Turn cans into something useful!

If you and your kids are the kind of person that has many writing supplies scattered around your house or your table, then this activity will not only be introducing recycling to your kids, but it will also help you with your problem! Using only unused cans, you can create a simple container for your writing supplies. However, since we are working with cans, make sure you clean off the sharp edges so your kids can help you!

Make a car!

If your kids have small figure toys, chances are those toys would have no means of transportation. It is pitiful for them to have to fly or walk anywhere, right? That is why, with this activity you will be helping your kids to make a simple car using toilet paper rolls and bottle caps so those toys can feel a little bit more convenient.


Those 6 activities above are only some of the many things you could do as a part of introducing recycling for your kids. There might be many more out there, but you should remember that one of the best ways of introducing a concept to your kids is by letting them have fun with the concept!

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