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Teach Your Kids to Save Money From the Angpao They Got!

The Chinese New Year has just passed, and during the festivities, there is a high probability that your children will receive red envelope money or angpao. However, it might be very hard for them to actually keep it, and they might use it all in one go. That is why, today we will be giving some tips for your children on how to save money from the angpao they get!

Keep the money in a safe place!

One of the easiest ways to let your children save their money is by keeping it somewhere safe. It is a good idea to put the money inside a piggy bank, and put the piggy bank inside of a closet. To make it even safer, choose a place that is out of sight, so your children would not be able to see the money they are saving. That way, they will not be tempted to use that money.

Set a specific goal for the money!

Another good way to make your children save money from the angpao they get is by letting them set a specific goal to use the money they are saving up for! Maybe they would like to buy a new toy? Or maybe they would like to buy some new clothes? To help them visualize it better, print out the image of what they want, and let them keep it on their study desk to keep them motivated in saving their money.

Find fun things to do

This point might be the responsibility of the parents. To help them take their minds off of the money, you need to help them distract their minds with some fun things to do. You can bring them to the library, create some games to play together, read good books, or even try out some new sports they never tried before! The point is, let your children be so busy they no longer think of the money.

Bring snacks and beverages from home!

One of the hardest parts when you want to save money is the desire to eat or drink. Sometimes, we might pay a small amount of money because we want to eat some snacks, but if we do that all the time, we will end up using a big amount of money. In order to prevent that from happening to the money our children are saving up, it is time to make them bring their own snacks from home!

Put in allowance money

While sometimes the money you get from angpao is not small, it might not be enough for your children to buy something that they wanted. If your children get allowance every day, encourage them to put some of that allowance money at the end of the day, so the amount of money they can save up in total would increase.


Those are some general tips to help your kids save money from the angpao they got during Chinese New Year. Most of those tips have one thing in common: try to cut all the expenses your kids would have at school. Pack them some snacks and give them a water bottle to bring to school! If you are looking for some lunch bags and a water bottle that looks stylish, you might want to check our store for inspiration!


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