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The Benefit of Fasting Told by Your Family is Backed by Science?!

It is not something new to hear from our parents through WhatsApp about the benefit of fasting. Sometimes, we are way too tired to deal with it, and instead of looking through the message, we simply marked them as read. However, what if we told you that there really are benefits to fasting that are even backed by science?

It resets your hormones

One benefit of fasting that people might not know about is that fasting actually forces you to feel hungry. But how is that a good thing? By experiencing starvation or true hunger, your body will regulate yourself and start releasing the correct hormones. That way, you can get full quicker.

It helps with weight loss

Another benefit of fasting is related to the previous point: it helps you as you try to lose your weight. By fasting, your body will start burning your fat cells in a much higher efficiency as it uses your body fat as an energy source instead of sugar. Because of this, there are many athletes that start to fast to lower their body fat percentage.

It helps clear your skin!

Have you ever heard the joke about how someone keeps their skin clear with wudhu water as their skincare? Turns out, they are not far from the truth. However, instead of wudhu, try fasting. This benefit of fasting happens because your body is not that busy with digestion, so they can start focusing on other parts of your body, and skin is only one of them.

Fasting helps your immune system

Just like with your skin, fasting actually helps your body improve their own immune system. When you are fasting, your body can focus on fighting off infection, that way they can also reduce free radical damage, starves off cancer formation, and even regulate inflammation inside your body. Even animals are doing this, as it is their primal instinct to stop eating and get some rest.

It improves your brain function

One benefit of fasting that is less known by many people is how it could improve your brain function. When you are fasting, your brain will boost its production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) protein. These proteins will then activate your brain stem cell to convert into neurons, and triggering many other chemicals to promote neural health. However, it does not stop there! Those proteins also help protect your brain from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease!

It speeds up metabolism

We will close our article about the benefit of fasting with one the most important benefits, and that is to speed up your metabolism. As your digestive system rests, your body will reroute its energy to your metabolism. It will also regulate your digestion, making you have a better bowel function.

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