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The Importance of “I Love You” for Your Kids

It goes without saying, every parent loves their children even though they do so in so many different ways. While there is no one right way to show your love to your children, there is one thing that is true: the importance of “I love you”. And by that, we mean it is important for your child to actually hear you telling them that you love them.

It might be obvious to you, but not so for your child. While they might be able to pick up your love signal from the way you act towards them such as praising them when they did a good job, or by giving them presents from time to time, they still would not be able to read your mind. At times like that, it helps to put your love into words.

Saying “I love you” tells your child that someone will always be there for them

No matter how old someone became, the importance of “I love you” will never change. The word implies that no matter what happens, even if they did something wrong, someone will always be there on their side.

When you tell your children that you love them, you are also showing them that you will be there for them. By doing so, they would feel less risk of being alone. By letting them know that you love them, you are making sure that your child could come to you any time, whenever they need it. Be it now, or later in life.

It builds up trust between you and your child

As we said on the previous point, another importance of “I love you” is to plant the seeds of trust between you and your child. However, those seeds also need proper care so it can grow. Show your children that you WILL be there and not judge them when they need you. What they need, most of the time, is someone to talk to, not someone to judge.

It will make them feel valued

Another importance of “I love you” for your kids is to affirm their need to know how valuable they are. Children still do not think of complicated things, so it is very important for them to know that they are loved for who they are, not for what they can do or what they can provide for their family. If they feel valued, the confidence inside of them will also rise.

It will show them what love should look like

Children learn the best when they are shown how to do something, and that is where another importance of “I love you” comes to play. When they are shown that it is normal to show and give words to the love they are feeling, they will surely repeat it in the future. They will feel much more motivated to love other people the way you love them.


Those are some of the importance of “I love you” that you should say to your children. Again, we will not be tired of reminding you, that while it might be obvious for you as their parents that you love them, it might not be so for your children. That is why, every time you have the chance to do so, you should give voice to that feeling of love you are holding on to.

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