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This Two Reasons Will Make You Go to Beach Clean-Up Events!

As we all know, the ocean is now filled with so much trash. The estimation varies, but most people agree that there are at least 14 billion pounds of trash on the ocean, and most of them are plastics. This is why it is more important now than ever before to join a clean-up event at your nearby beaches. However, did you know that there are at the very least two reasons as to why you should join clean-up events?

You will be the Savior of Marine Animals

For a long while now, marine debris—especially trash—has become a very dangerous problem that affects many marine animals. There have been reports about turtles entangled in plastics, or even turtles eating plastics because they thought those plastics are jellyfish. However, those marine animals are not the only one suffering from this.

This is one of the reasons why you should join clean-up events on your local beach: to save the marine animals. According to data, there are at least 1 million marine animals and birds that suffer from this pollution in the Pacific Ocean alone EVERY YEAR. The worst part about the plastics trash is they would never go away. By time, they would simply get smaller.

One thing that you might not imagine is that plastics are able to absorb organic pollutants. Those toxic absorbed by the plastics will then make their way to the food chain. From toxic waste, to plastics, to the fishes, and eventually to humans. And suddenly, before you know it, you are eating a fish full of poison because of the pollution.

It Would Make Us Reconsider Our Lifestyle
One member of Sustainable Hawaii Coastlines, Kahi Pacarro, said that one reason you should join clean-up events is to make themselves see how their lifestyle really is. According to Kari, once people see how bad the effect of single-use plastics is for the beach, many of them would not even consider using plastics anymore. Even, some of them would speak up against using plastics.

It is said that cleanups never actually stop during the two-hour clean-up events on the beach. Within those two hours, usually the mindset of most people would be totally transformed. Because they know how hard it is to perform the clean-up at the beach, they will find it hard to turn a blind eye to trash they find on the street.

Usually, the people that have gone to at least one clean-up at the beach would really be full of vigor and enthusiastic to go to another—or even, to make their own clean-up events. The reason for this is because they have understood the harm caused by those single-use plastics waste and trash, and will do whatever they can to remove those trash from the sea. 


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