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Visiting Bandung? Don’t Forget to Stop By These 5 Places!


For a long time, Bandung has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations. With the school holidays coming up, we will help you with some recommendations of places to visit if you plan on having a nice holiday in Bandung.

1. Kota Mini

Image taken from @kota_mini

Kota Mini is located in Lembang, West Bandung. Lembang itself is already famous for its beauty because it is located in a mountain, around 1.312 and 2.084 meters above the sea level. To access this location, you would need around 1 hour drive from Alun-Alun Kota Bandung.

Kota Mini was first opened in 24th of July 2017 with the combined concept between entertainment and education, and created a Europe-like city in which children can learn about various occupations while playing.

Image taken from @kota_mini

There are a total of 12 “houses” to visit such as police station, hospital, salon, market, cat house, fruits house, outdoor restaurant, and many others.

The entrance fee for Kota Mini is cheap, only Rp 25.000. However, if you would like to enter those houses so your kids can play, there is an additional Rp 25.000 fee per house. There is also 5-houses package for Rp 80.000 /person, or a 10-houses package for Rp 150.000 /person.

If you go to Kota Mini, you can make sure your holiday in Bandung with your kids is not only fun, but also educational!

2. Chinatown Bandung

Image taken from @chinatownbandung

Located near the largest Chinese Temple in Bandung, Satya Budhi Temple, Chinatown Bandung is a must visit if you are going on a culinary Holiday in Bandung. This place is only a 12 minute drive from Bandung Train Station.

Inside of Chinatown is a collection of small shops and food outlets offering many choices of food and items with a Chinese theme. However, if you aren’t into Chinese food, they also have many choices of authentic Sundanese food.

Image taken from @chinatownbandung

There is an entrance fee of Rp 30.000 /person, but that fee is worth the price if you can fill your social media feed with beautiful pictures you can take there, isn’t it?

3. Goldstar360, Cave Dining Experience

Image taken from @goldstar360

Are you a fan of Flintstones and wanted to have an experience of eating in a cave? Don’t worry, now you can do just that in a cave called Goldstar 360. Located on the third floor of Goldstar Sport Resto, this dining place inspired by the cave walls on Greece awaits.

There are a few areas inside this dining, such as Megas Lakkos, a private area with blue light, Korydallos, a secluded area with the theme of prison, and a few others such as Mykonos, Stravomyti, and Petralona which are the middle sections complete with a giant windows made of glass.

Image taken from @goldstar360

You can also find some drawings on the wall that depicts ancient sketches to better draw you into the atmosphere of an ancient cave.

Image taken from @goldstar360

But it’s not only the cave. Once you are finished eating your dinner and taking beautiful photos of the cave, you can go to the 5th floor to view the landscape of Bandung in its entirety.

4. Kidzoo Paris van Java

Image taken from @pvj.kidzoo

Paris van Java is a unique mall in Bandung, and once you’ve done shopping there you should try going to the rooftop to find this hidden gem. Kidzoo has 2 separate attractions to educate young children on how to care for animals: Lactasari Mini Farm, and Bird Park.

As its name suggests, Bird Park houses many unique and beautiful birds. The Bird Park also has some of the rare birds from Indonesia such as the Hornbills from Borneo and the Parrots from Nusa Tenggara.

Image taken from @pvj.kidzoo

On the opposite side, there is the Lactasari Mini Farm. Lactasari is a small farm that has 5 species of animals: goat, sheep, cows, rabbits, and Siberian Huskies. Here, your kids can try feeding those animals. Before they start feeding the animals, however, they will be given aprons, a bottle of milk, and a bucket of vegetables to feed the animals.

5. Pinisi Resto

Image taken from @z_e_d_d_y

Is there a better way to end your holiday in Bandung than dining aboard an actual pirate ship? Because that’s what Pinisi Resto located in Ciwidey is. Not only do they offer a unique dining experience, they also provide a wonderful mountain views from the top of the deck.

With BBQ feast as their number 1 menu, Pinisi Resto will be one of the most unforgettable dining experience for your kids. They can walk around the ship, take photos on the starboard or port, or play with the steering wheel!


For now, those are some of our recommendations if you are planning to have your holiday in Bandung. Obviously, there are still many other unique places in Bandung that we still haven’t covered yet, but there will always be another time!

Have a happy holiday!

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