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What are the Homeschooling Options in Indonesia?

There are many reasons that make your kids unable to participate in the traditional public school. Maybe, the school environment is not good for them, or maybe they have some other limitations. The reasons aside, you might be one of those who simply prefers homeschooling, and wondering about the homeschooling option in Indonesia.

Homeschooling started as an idea from the United States, and as time goes by many people start to prefer homeschooling to an ordinary school. The legality of homeschooling is also governed under the law of the Ministry of Education in Indonesia. Now, without further ado, let’s see what are the institution options you could choose!

  1. Homeschooling Kak Seto

Homeschooling Kak Seto is one of the most famous homeschooling options because it was founded by Seto Mulyadi, that is more known as Kak Seto. This institution will use the curriculum known as Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP) which they already have the A accreditation.

This institution does not only have the normal curriculum, but they also have extracurricular activities that are more focused on a child’s passion in art such as art class, singing class, and even photography. If you are interested in learning more about this homeschooling institution, you can visit their instagram or their website.

  1. Primagama Homeschooling

Primagama Homeschooling is a homeschooling institution with the most branches in Indonesia, because they have branches in Jakarta, Bali, Banten, Sumatera, Riau, and Yogyakarta. This institution has 2 methods in order to teach their students: psychological and academic. The main focus of this homeschooling is on the learning style of your children.

Not only do they have 2 methods of teaching, they also have 3 types of curriculum to choose from. The first one is Kurikulum Nasional that aligns with Indonesia national exam, Kurikulum Internasional with Cambridge International Examination, and the last one is Kurikulum ABK that is specialized to what your children might need.

  1. Fikar Homeschooling

Fikar Homeschooling is another homeschooling option that is established with the help of Seto Mulyadi as one of the board directors. This homeschooling is focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, and spirituality. Not only that, they also have extracurricular activities that will grow your kids’ talent, according to their own passion.

In Fikar Homeschooling, your kids will be faced with talent tests, sharing sessions, and observation. All this will help to develop important skills for your kids such as empathy, focus, and others. If you are interested in this institution, you can go to their website or visit their instagram account for more information.

  1. Kasih Anugerah Homeschooling

Kasih Anugerah Homeschooling is a homeschooling option whose headquarter is located in Jakarta. This institution has 3 types of class that your kids could choose: Klasikal, a class that feels like traditional school because your kids have to come to school every Tuesday and Wednesday; Tutorial, where a tutor will come to your home; and Mandiri, where you as a parent will be the tutor.

For the price, Kasih Anugerah Homeschooling sets a 2.2 million entry tuition fee, and the tuition fee each month varies from 500 thousand to 1.5 million rupiah. If you are interested, you can visit their institution directly in West Jakarta. More precisely, Jl. Sekolah No. 5, Tegal Alur Kalideres.

  1. Sinergia Homeschooling

Our last homeschooling option is Sinergia Homeschooling, that will also expand your child’s ability to speak in another language because the programs run by this institution will be held in bilingual. Not only that, this institution is also the perfect choice for children with special needs.

Your kids are free to choose from a few methods of learning: studying in class or group, having a tutor comes to your house, or online school. They also have a National curriculum, bilingual, and International curriculum based on Cambridge International Examination. For more information of this homeschooling option, you can visit their website.

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