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When is the Best Time to Give Your Kids Pets?

For some people, pets are the third best thing in their family after their partner and children. But what if you could give pets to your children? A study also said that adolescents who had interaction with pets during their young age would be much more social when they grow up. But what is the best time to give your kids pets?

In general, the best time to give your kids pets is when they already know about responsibility. There are a few things you could see as a sign that your kids is ready to tend to lives other than their own:

  1. Your kids can be responsible for their school.
  2. They can be ready for school without you having to tell them to.
  3. Your kids already have an interest in nature and the outdoors
  4. They can show compassion for other living beings.

When they are babies

If you get or already have a pet when you have your baby, it might be very hard to introduce them to the pets that came before them. When your kids are still a baby, you should never leave your pets with your children alone. Keep the door to your baby’s room so your pets cannot get in the room.

When they are toddlers

It might not be the best time to give your kids pets, as toddlers would often treat pets badly. That is because toddlers have the slight idea that pets can be dangerous for them. During this age, you might want to give them big pets such as large breed dogs that weigh around 25 to 30 pounds.

When they are grade-schoolers

It might be the best time to give your kids pets as they reach their 5th or 10th years. However, you should not leave all the caring to them. At this age, it will be better if you give them small pets that they can be a little bit lax at taking care of, such as a goldfish. However, you should still be the one to do the maintenance and clean the tank.

When they enter middle-school

As they reach their adolescent, they will start to show their ability to care about something else other than themselves. In fact, this age might be the best time to give your kids pets. However, if you would not want to deal with pet hairs, you should think about something other than dogs or cats. You might give them gerbils or guinea pigs, or if you think your kids can take care of snakes or lizards, you can do so.


The bottom line

There really is no best time to give your kids pets. Each and every stage of their lives comes with their own problems you need to address when they are given pets. However, you should really have a close look at your kids when you give them pets when they reach their 3rd to 4th years, as kids that young would not be able to control their anger and aggressive impulses well, and might lash out on their pets.

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